Membrane Structure Building that Can Resist Super Typhoon

August 24,2020

Membrane Structure Building that Can Resist Super Typhoon

When the typhoon season comes, owners have to worry about whether their outdoor roof fabric structure can withstand the typhoon.

In our tensile awning structures design, the owners in areas with high typhoon incidence often ask whether our design can withstand the 12th typhoon, and some owners even propose to resist the strongest typhoon in history (the 17th typhoon).

In terms of resistance to strong winds in tensile structures construction, our experience is as follows:

1. Design according to national standards;
2. Purchasing raw materials and accessories in accordance with specifications (do not cut corners);
3. Processing according to specifications;
4. Transport in accordance with regulations;
5. The installation is installed according to the specification.

A real engineering company implements architectural engineering with a responsible attitude, doing tensile fabric roof structures with heart!


What Are the Advantages of Air Supported Structures & Air Dome Buildings?

July 24,2020

What Are the Advantages of Air Supported Structures & Air Dome Buildings?

The construction process is pollution-free and more environmentally friendly: there is no noise, no environmental pollution, and no output of construction waste during the production and construction of the air dome inflatable tent. Steel and concrete buildings cause a lot of construction waste, while air dome buildings can achieve a very large building space with very much less resource consumption.

The construction period is shorter than the traditional concrete buildings. The installation is simple and quick to carry out on-site for all the design and production of membrane and steel materials are prefabricated in the factory, which greatly reduces the difficulty and shortens the whole construction period by more than 1/2, very economical and efficient.

PVDF membrane material with a higher heat reflectivity and heat dissipation rate is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, which is highly recommended by the membrane construction industry at home and abroad. The hollow insulation system plus with high-performance membrane fabric can realize only consume 1/10 to 1/4 the energy of the traditional building and the total energy saving is about 80%.

Lower construction costs. For traditional buildings, the larger the span, the bigger the steel beam and the higher the cost. In contrast, the span and cost of air supported pneumatic structures do not change within construction permission, so the total air dome cost is usually only about 1/3 to 1/5 of that of traditional steel and concrete structures.

Lightweight building with larger space. The PVDF material itself is very light with the self-weight of the inner and outer double-layer membrane is less than three kilograms. The use of the high-pressure difference between the indoor and outdoor air dome buildings can achieve a super span of 300 meters, which is beyond the reach of traditional buildings.


Difference Between Traditional Metal Carport Awning and Modern Membrane Structure Carport Building

July 20,2020

Difference Between Traditional Metal Carport Awning and Modern Membrane Structure Carport Building

The membrane structure carport is a new type of carport canopy that has become popular in China in recent years. Compared with the old carports in the past, it has a lighter structure and is more stable in use. Its material uses a polymer membrane structure material and a supporting member, and can take different shapes according to the position of the supporting member. Therefore, it is widely used in public places such as education, commerce, gymnasium, etc. Steel carports was originally used as a place for vehicles to park, so that vehicles can avoid direct exposure to wind and rain. Used to ensure that bicycles, cars, etc. are not damaged under the shed.

Before the textile membrane structure car parking shade did not appear, the main market was iron carports, aluminum alloy carports, color steel carports, etc. These sail awning are made of metal components, so they have the disadvantage of being bulky and monotonous. Let's compare the metal carports with membrane structure carports. What are the reasons why membrane structure home car parking shade are popular?

First of all, the parking shade for car is a kind of public building, which is funded by the construction unit to build, so the first requirement of this product is durability and stability. The metal carport is all metal support columns, and then the roof is added to the process by welding and other processes. If the polycarbonate material is used as the ceiling, it is fixed with bolts. Compared with the membrane structure, the overall load can be much smaller. 

Light transmittance of car parking shade net: The roof of metal carports is usually made of polycarbonate material or color steel plate. Compared with the film structure, the light transmittance of the fabric structure material reaches 13%, and the membrane structure is used as A polymer cloth will not turn yellow due to long-term direct sunlight, nor will its physical properties change, such as becoming brittle and softening. It is light in weight, and the membrane is a kind of architectural fabric that can withstand high-strength impact and stretching, and can be deformed at will.

Artistic: The most worth mentioning of the membrane shade sails is that it can be composed of different shapes according to the position and height of the supporting members, which is unimaginable on the metal carport. For example, by stretching the cable at the top of the carport, the edge of the membrane structure cloth is turned up. 

Therefore, the sail canopy can be combined with its own soft curves and the surrounding artistic landscape to give people a beautiful enjoyment.At the same time the cost is only half or less of other structure carports.


How to Stretch the Membrane Cloth of the Tensile Car Parking Shed ?

June 29,2020

How to Stretch the Membrane Cloth of the Tensile Car Parking Shed ?

Membrane structure is also called fabric membrane structure. There is an important link during construction, which is tensile forming. Tension forming of membrane cloth is very critical, and it is also a step we need to strictly implement. So, how should we stretch? Next, let's introduce the specific process.

1. The whole stretching process of the membrane cloth of the tensile car shed is actually to stretch the various cables in place according to the predetermined stress. When stretching, the order and amount of batch tension should be determined, the speed of tension should be controlled, and the value of super-tensile should be determined according to the characteristics of the material. The tensioning process can be to adjust the pre-stress of the cable in batches and stages, and gradually tension to reach the design value; it can also implement synchronous tensioning of the whole. The tension value with control requirements shall be recorded in the construction, and the tension travel record shall be recorded for those without control requirements.

2. When the supporting structure of the tensile parking shed is a rigid boundary, the application of prestressing should be implemented through a special structure. For flexible boundaries, the size of the prestress can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the struts. In the tensile cable membrane structure, the tensile prestress of the membrane material is provided by the cable. It should be noted that the installation of the membrane structure shed cloth should be continuous. When the installation operation cannot be completed continuously in one time, reliable temporary fixing measures should be taken to resist the strong wind that may occur during the construction. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the membrane surface does not accumulate water.

The stretching of the membrane cloth is not random, but has a sequence. If the operation is improper, it will easily damage the product and cannot be used. Textile membrane structure has a strong sense of time and representativeness. It is a multi-disciplinary cross-application project integrating architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical engineering, material science, and computer technology. It has a high technical content and artistic appeal. Its curved surface Can be arbitrarily changed according to the architect's design needs.


Which Membrane Material is Better for PVDF and PTFE?

June 24,2020

Which Membrane Material is Better for PVDF and PTFE?

There are various architectural forms of tensile membrane structure, and there are of course more than one type of membrane material. At present, PVDF and PTFE membrane materials are relatively common membrane materials. So which of these two membranes is better?

As for which of them is better, we can compare from the following aspects:
1. Color selection: PVDF membrane materials have various colors, and PTFE membrane materials have a single color. If rich colors are considered, choose PVDF membrane materials.
2. Processing difficulty: The inner wire of PTFE membrane material is glass fiber wire, which is relatively brittle. It is easy to be broken during the construction process, and the processing difficulty is high. The processing of PVDF inner filaments with polyester fibers is much easier than the PTFE membrane with inner filaments of glass fiber filaments.

3. Performance requirements: Both PTFE and PVDF fabric membranes structure have good self-cleaning and anti-corrosion properties, but PTFE has better performance, better light transmittance, and relatively higher prices.
4. Transportation: The inner wire of the PTFE membrane is glass wire, which has a minimum bending radius, and is not suitable for folding and transportation. White marks will appear when improperly transported, which affects the appearance. The PVDF membrane is foldable and easy to transport.
5. Flexibility: PVDF membrane material has high flexibility, and it still has a high degree of flexibility when the temperature in the north decreases. The PTFE membrane is easy to break under cold temperatures, and when freezing and thawing occurs, there is a greater risk of damage.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that PVDF membrane material is superior to PTFE membrane material in many aspects, but the textile membrane structure engineering has various forms of construction. Since there are different membrane materials, then there must be reasons for its existence, so choose which one to choose Kinds of membrane.


Why Transportation Facilities Choose Fabric Membrane for Shade Sails?

June 05,2020

Why Transportation Facilities Choose Fabric Membrane for Shade Sails?

Nowadays, the application of tensioned structures in transportation facilities has become very common. What have seen many gas station and toll station build with fabric tensile structure. So transportation facilities membrane structure buildings could offer what convenience for us?

Tensile structures gas station and tensile structure toll station can be seen from the shape of the big surprise, these fabric structure transportation facilities are various in shape, breaking the limitations of traditional building limitations, fabric structure designers create with their own imagination Unique, beautiful shape.

The shelf life of roof structure buildings is relatively long, and this should be judged according to the life of the fabric. fabric is an emerging building material. The most commonly used fabric materials in fabric structure construction are PVDF and PTFE fabric materials: PVDF is guaranteed for 10-15 years, and PTFE fabric material is guaranteed for more than 25 years. It is a permanent fabric.

At present, there are two kinds of fabrics produced in China and imported overseas (Usually imported from Germany, Italy, Japan, etc.). Generally, Chinese-made fabrics have competitive advantages, low prices and high cost performance.

More and more gas station and toll station are now installed by membrane structure, because advantages of short construction period, long life, beautiful appearance, self-cleaning, fire prevention, etc. 

BDiR Inc. has been established for 11 years. It is not only rich experienced, professional, but also has an in-depth understanding of the fabric structure industry, which can meet the dual needs of customers for product novelty and practicality.


How to Clean the ETFE Textile Membrane Architecture

May 25,2020

How to Clean the ETFE Textile Membrane Architecture

How to clean the ETFE membrane fabric covered buildings if it is dirty? Although the ETFE membrane structure itself has a good cleaning function, it will eventually cause dirt accumulation due to the influence of external factors. For most membrane materials, cleaning can not extend the working life, if cleaning is not appropriate, it will also shorten its life. However, from the aspect of aesthetics, regular cleaning of the membrane structure can maintain the aesthetics of the membrane structure. At the same time, special cleaning agents should be used when cleaning.

First, let's take a look at the reasons for the accumulation of dirt in the ETFE membrane tensile roof , as follows:

1. Air pollution.
2. The distance between deciduous trees and sticky pollen trees.
3. Local precipitation and frequency.
4. Feces of birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

5. The coating is inert without dust.

6. The degree of chemical contamination of the membrane fiber before weaving and coating.

The above points are the reasons for the accumulation of dirt in the tensile shade structures, and we try to avoid the formation as much as possible. If dirt really accumulates, we need to clean the tensile construction, but we must pay attention to some things when cleaning to avoid damage to the membrane structure. Specific notes are as follows:

1. Use the cleaning agent specified by the manufacturer and use the corresponding soft brush, sponge and cleaning equipment to clean the membrane surface, and use water to wash away the dust and cleaning agent on the membrane surface.

2. Membrane surface should not be stacked with foreign objects such as iron parts, chemicals or other colored materials for a long time.

3. Let the cleaning agent act for a few minutes, but avoid drying the cleaning area.
4. Large particles of dust should be washed with water.
5. When cleaning the membrane surface, it is not suitable to use acidic or alkaline materials such as gasoline, alcohol, chlorine water and other materials to clean. 
6. Stubborn stains may require high-concentration cleaning agent to scrub, but to avoid scraping off the surface layer of the membrane.


Why should Us Build a Outdoor Car Parking Shade Textile Structure?

May 18,2020

Why should Us Build a Outdoor Car Parking Shade Textile Structure?

Why build a car parking shade canopies tensile structure? Here is the answer from BDiR: the reason for the construction of the car parking cover sun shade net sail and the production process.

Do you know that if the car is blowing in the sun and rain, will it be more than twice the original use period? It is like a car you originally used. It can be used for 10 years. There may be less than 3 years of use in the wind, the sun and the rain. Don't forget that the structure of the car is steel, and oxidative rust is inevitable, even if the advanced car is just the same. You can't see the naked eye inside, don't forget that the rain is acidic, it will speed up the erosion, the sun is also very scary, it will age, the wind is also the wind, it will erode, and the fabric membrane car parking sun shade can not only Wind and rain, you can also block high-altitude parabolic!

How to build a car parking sun shade net? First, the geographical location of the carport is accurate. The delineation of the carport is recognized as the promotion of the theme of the entire community environment. It is to properly handle the relationship with the property and land authorities. Second, it is necessary to proceed from the desire to build a harmonious community. After the coordination with other owners, it is necessary to further develop The construction plan; the third is to pay attention to the addition of membrane structural materials, play a supporting role of new material technology.


Modern Textile Structures Commercial Canopy Roof in Sharm El-Sheikh

May 15,2020

Modern Textile Structures Commercial Canopy Roof  in Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh is a desert city located at the southern end of the Sinai peninsula (Sinai), bordering the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea, a small bay at the southeast end of the Sinai peninsula in Egypt. There are many small islands and reefs in the nearby sea, and the narrowest part of the deep water channel is only 300 meters, which is a holy place to visit. With bright sun and clear water, Sharm el-Sheikh attracts a large number of European and Israeli tourists every year.

Membrane shade structure is the most representative and promising architectural form in the 21st century. It breaks the pattern of pure linear architectural style, with its unique beautiful curved shape, the perfect combination of conciseness, crispness, rigidity and softness, strength and beauty, presents a refreshing feeling, and at the same time provides greater architectural designers Imagine and create space.

1. Excellent thermal insulation effect

It has good environmental protection, light transmission, and self-cleaning. The surface of the membrane is coated with PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or titanium dioxide, which has good thermal insulation effect and can reflect 70% of the solar thermal energy. The fabric itself absorbs 17%, heat transfer 13%, and the light transmittance is more than 20%. After 10 years of direct sunlight, its brightness can still retain 70%.

2. Unique shape

Secondly, the translucency of the membrane ensures proper natural diffused light to illuminate the room. Larger span building space, due to its light weight, polyester structure membrane building can cover the space without a large span of internal support surface, which allows people to design and use building space flexibly and creatively. The membrane structure has an artistic shape that traditional roofs do not have.

3. Cover large span spaces

The architectural structures material used in the membrane structure is about one kilogram per square. Due to its light weight and the use of high-strength materials such as steel cables and steel structures, the force system is simple and reasonable-most of the force is transmitted by axial force, so the membrane The structure is suitable for spanning large spaces to form an open column-free large-span structural system.

4. Fire resistance and shock resistance

The lightweight structure material used in the membrane structure building has excellent flame retardancy and high temperature resistance, so it can well meet the fire protection requirements. Due to its light weight, flexible structure and large deformation capacity, it has good seismic performance.


What's Material of the Etfe Membrane Structure Air dome?

September 11,2020

What's Material of  the Etfe Membrane Structure Air dome?

What material is the ETFE membrane structure air pillow made of? From the name point of view, it can be seen that the membrane structure air pillow is composed of ETFE material. 

The ETFE is ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer. The thickness of ETFE membrane is usually less than 0.20mm, which is a kind of transparent membrane. This membrane material will be used in the Water Cube venue, with a unique and beautiful appearance.

ETFE membrane is an alternative material with superior quality in transparent building structure. Over the years, it has proved to be a reliable and economical roof material with many advantages in many projects. The membrane is made of artificial high-strength fluoropolymer, and its unique anti-sticking surface makes it highly resistant to dirt and easy to clean. Usually rainwater can remove the main dirt.


ETFE membranes have a service life of at least 25-35 years and are ideal materials for permanent multi-layer movable roof structures. The membrane material is mostly used for two-layer or three-layer inflatable support structures with a span of 4 meters. It can also increase the membrane span according to the geometry and climatic conditions of special projects. The length of the membrane is easy to install as the standard, generally 15-30 meters. Small-span single-layer structures are also available in smaller sizes.


The ETFE membrane meets the B1 and DIN4102 fire rating standards, and will not drip when burned. And the quality of the film is very light, only 0.15-0.35 kg per square meter. This feature makes it a considerable advantage even in the case of membrane melting caused by smoke and fire.
Therefore, ETFE membrane is a very popular in the tensile structure, but the technical difficulty is relatively high. At present, ETFE membrane structure air pillow materials mainly rely on imports, so the price is generally much more expensive than other membrane materials.






In Addition to Building Permits, What Else Needs to be Done to Build a Tent Hotel Camp

In Addition to Building Permits, What Else Needs to be Done to Build a Tent Hotel Camp

September 17,2020

BDiR Inc. currently focuses on tourist attractions and special camps, providing hotel-style wild luxury tent design customization and tent camp planning services.
How to Turn a Tensile Membrane Tent Hotel into a Holiday Accommodation?

How to Turn a Tensile Membrane Tent Hotel into a Holiday Accommodation?

September 15,2020

the cottage tent can greatly improve the layout of the family, focusing on the interior design, and perfect the field tent hotel for a variety of options to live in.
Special Camping Tents Design to Create a Green Luxury Camp

Special Camping Tents Design to Create a Green Luxury Camp

September 12,2020

The lodge style tents is very suitable for modern young people's choice. Let me experience the beautiful tent hotel design with you.


Luxury Eco Friendly Tent Structures Lodges for Tea Garden Holiday Hotel

Luxury Sustainable Hospitality Eco Tent Structure Villas