Amusement Park Membrane Structure Building

August 18,2021

Amusement Park Membrane Structure Building

Why are there so many membrane structure buildings in amusement parks

Application of membrane structure in amusement park

Key points of amusement park construction:
1. Highly humane, fully consider the needs of tourists
2. The combination of ecological environment and garden art
3. Adjust measures to local conditions and attach importance to ecological and environmental protection
4. Focus on characteristics and strengthen characteristics
5. Diversity and variability

The advantages of membrane structure building in amusement park projects:

1: The construction speed is fast and the cost is low. For example, the same is to make a rest pavilion. It may take a month to use a traditional structure, while the membrane structure rest shed only needs 1 to 2 weeks.

2: Diversity of the structure, the membrane structure can be made into various shapes, and the landscape architecture of the amusement park must have personality to attract tourists.

3: Easy to disassemble, move and replace performance. The big difference between the amusement park building and other project buildings is that the amusement park needs to be remodeled or adjusted regularly or irregularly so that visitors can play repeatedly. Membrane structure can meet this point. For example, it is also a rest pavilion. Change the color or shape. You only need to add or reduce the local steel structure rods and change a membrane. The traditional structure cannot be achieved. .

4: Safety, even in the most unfavourable situation, the membrane material will fall, it will not hurt people. It will not burn even if it catches fire.


What are the Advantages of Airdome Compared to Traditional Buildings

August 04,2021

What are the Advantages of Airdome Compared to Traditional Buildings

What are the advantages of airdome compared to traditional buildings

Air supported building, also known as "inflatable film building", refers to a building that is filled with air in a film product made of polymer materials to form a house. Inflatable membrane buildings can be divided into air-bearing membrane buildings and inflatable membrane buildings.

The construction process is pollution-free and more environmentally friendly: there is no noise, no environmental pollution, and no output of construction waste during the production and construction of the membrane material. Buildings with steel and concrete as the main body cause a lot of construction waste all the time, and air-filled membrane buildings can achieve a huge building space with minimal resource consumption.

2. The construction period is shorter than other buildings: all the design and production of membrane materials in the air-film building are completed in the factory, and only installation work is carried out on site. The construction difficulty is low, and the construction period is shortened by more than 1/2. It is a very economical building form often used in construction management.

3. More energy-saving and environmentally-friendly building: PVDF membrane material coated on the surface has high heat reflectivity and heat dissipation rate. It is an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly material recommended by the membrane construction industry at home and abroad. The hollow insulation system used combines the membrane building with a perfect combination, and the energy consumption is only 1/10 to 1/4 of that of the traditional building, and the total energy saving is more than 80.

4. Lower construction cost: For traditional buildings, the larger the span, the larger the steel beam, and the higher the cost. Inflatable membrane buildings are different. Within the scope allowed by the design, the span and cost have not changed, so the total cost is generally only 1/3 to 1/5 of traditional steel and concrete structures.

5. Lightweight building space with larger span: Since the membrane material itself is very light, the self-weight of the inner and outer double-layer membrane is less than three kilograms, and the high pressure difference between indoor and outdoor inflatable membrane can achieve an ultra-large span of 300 meters, which is impossible for traditional buildings. of.

If you have any questions or want to know about the structure of the air film, you are welcome to consult BDIR inflatable products.


Welding Construction Method of Mebrane Structure Canopy

July 28,2021

Welding Construction Method of Mebrane Structure Canopy

Welding construction method of membrane structure canopy

When admiring the membrane structure canopy, people often marvel at their majestic momentum, and when they see the sketches of the carpark membrane structure, they will be deeply attracted by their dexterity and elegance. However, in actual construction, whether it is a large-scale membrane structure venue of tens of thousands of square meters or a few square meters of membrane structure sketches, they are not composed of only one piece of tensile membrane material, but are composed of many membrane pieces.

The success of the membrane structure canopy construction depends on the beauty of the overall shape and the stability of the overall quality, as well as the treatment of the details. The quality of the welding of the membrane structure also plays a decisive role.

The common welding methods of membrane structure membrane materials include hot gas welding, heating unit welding and high frequency welding, and the welding joints are constructed in the following ways:
1. Single-sided welding of diaphragms of the same material and thickness, or double-sided welding with poor covering diaphragms.
2. The double-sided covering film is staggered into thicker contacts, which can reduce the discontinuity of load transmission.
3. The diaphragm of the same material and thickness is used, but the covering diaphragm is divided into two half-layers and double-sided welding, so that the load can be transferred smoothly.
4. After cutting the membrane structure diaphragm into a tooth shape and connecting it, the length of the load transfer link can be increased.
5. The joints of the high-strength double-layer film material can be formed by double-sided staggered covering film materials to form thicker joints.

The above is about the structure of the membrane structure canopy welding. For more information about the membrane structure canopy, you can follow our official website. If you want to know more, you can leave a message to the editor and tell the editor. Compile and organize the content, and I will meet you in the next news!


4 Kinds of Commercial Street Membrane Structure Applications and Characteristics

July 26,2021

4 Kinds of Commercial Street Membrane Structure Applications and Characteristics

The first form: the dome of the tensile membrane structure of the commercial street

Introduction: If you go to a large shopping mall, you may notice that translucent or transparent building materials are used on the top of the corridor or hall. This design not only meets the shopping mall’s requirements for natural lighting, but also makes the entire mall look more It is bright, and it can greatly save the running time of lighting facilities during the day and reduce energy consumption. In the past, when the membrane structure was not applied on a large scale, this effect was achieved by using materials such as sunlight panels or tempered glass. These materials have obvious shortcomings. For example, the aging speed of the solar panel will be greatly accelerated by direct sunlight. The heavy weight of the toughened glass requires high requirements for the supporting structure, and the safety is a difficult point, but the emergence of the membrane structure solves the problem of traditional materials Various drawbacks, PTFE and ETFE membrane materials can not only achieve light transmittance, but also have light weight and higher safety. In particular, ETFE's high self-cleaning and high light transmittance characteristics have become the first choice for domes in large commercial blocks.

Commercial street membrane structure dome canopy features: good light transmittance, light material, suitable for large spans, can perfectly replace traditional dome materials, and have a longer service life, better self-cleaning, and higher safety.

The second form: Commercial street membrane structure sunshade

Introduction: Parasols are generally the standard configuration of open-air pedestrian shopping streets. They come in many forms and materials. We often see movable push-pull and foldable parasols. Their materials are generally made of traditional fabrics. Or polyester composition, aging resistance, poor self-cleaning performance, suitable for temporary sheltering, usually used for external table and chair sunshading in cafes and other street shops, for some permanent fixed public seat sunshade facilities, the first choice is membrane structure umbrellas The structural form is to make the foundation embedded parts first, then erect the steel structure, and then stretch and cover the film material on the steel structure. Its various forms and colors are optional, which are not only practical, but also have a strong landscape value.

Features: anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, long service life, rich and beautiful appearance, and good self-cleaning.

The third form: commercial street membrane structure landscape sketch

Introduction: Different from traditional landscape architecture, membrane structure landscape relies on the combination of high-strength flexible membrane material and rigid tension system to form a spatial structure with a strong landscape shape. With lighting at night, it will present an unparalleled dream effect. It gives people a refreshing feeling, so compared with ordinary landscape architectural structures, it can provide people with a good visual experience and sensory experience.

Features: Unique style, strong artistry, and strong modern flavor.

The fourth form: commercial street membrane structure corridor

Introduction: In many places, there are requirements for shading and rain in places such as corridors. It is indispensable to provide a canopy awning for the public to provide shelter from the wind and rain. Traditional building materials such as sun panels and fiberglass cannot satisfy people’s growing demand for shapes. The higher the requirements, the membrane structure corridor has huge advantages, and the membrane structure can ensure the perfect combination of the overall aesthetics and practicality of the corridor. Therefore, more and more projects of this kind begin to adopt membrane structure.

Features: strong modeling ability, good light transmittance, good self-cleaning, long life.


Membrane Structure Building Blooms Everywhere

July 14,2021

Membrane Structure Building Blooms Everywhere

Membrane structure building "blooms everywhere" reflects the inevitability of development

As the saying goes, any beautiful new thing, once it conforms to the trend of social development and the recognition of the current society, it will have strong vitality and great development prospects. This principle seems to be the same for the rapidly developing membrane structure buildings. After a short period of development, the tensile membrane structure has now occupied an important development position in the construction industry. It has formed a situation of "blooming everywhere" throughout the country and even the world, and is the leader in the construction field.

For example, in the era when membrane structure carports were not widely used, traditional carports can be seen everywhere, but they are unsightly. House-style battery car parking sheds and carports made of welded iron sheets are everywhere. Although they have the effect of sheltering from wind and rain, for the rapid development of urbanization in my country, these carports form a sharp contrast with the image of the prosperous city, and the membrane structure The emergence of the carport broke this deadlock. Its unique large span and sense of space have shaped people's shapes in addition to being beautiful, and also left people more room for imagination.

Whether we admit it or not, new things are indeed invincible, just as the emergence of membrane structures cannot be replaced by contrast products. Just as color TVs defeated black-and-white TVs, today's smart flat-panel TVs have also defeated the smash hit color TVs. From a philosophical point of view, this is an important law of materialist dialectics and an inevitable conclusion drawn from the principle of the unity of advancement and tortuousness of development. It also denies only the important content of the law. The emergence and development of membrane structure represents the development direction of membrane structure in the industry and conforms to the objective law of the development of things.

Secondly, we say that new things have incomparable advantages over old things. The development of membrane structure relies on its unique advantages, which are not available in traditional buildings. Membrane structure buildings have the advantages of large span, artistry, economy, safety, self-cleaning, short construction period, and wide application. This is in line with the direction of social development and is the reason why people recognize membrane structure buildings. It is economic development The inevitable law is the embodiment of the loneliness of traditional architecture.

The "bloom everywhere" of membrane structure buildings is the inevitable development. Looking forward to the future development trend, membrane structure buildings will have more room for development. Now is just the beginning. We look forward to the peak of development of membrane structure buildings.




ETFE Membrane Structure Bus Station with Extremely User-Friendly Design

July 07,2021

ETFE Membrane Structure Bus Station with Extremely User-Friendly Design

ETFE membrane structure bus station with extremely user-friendly design

The ETFE bus station is located in the Netherlands and is named Tilburg Bus Station. The designer aims to improve the comfort of passengers, creating a concise, clear and pleasant traffic platform.

The overall shape of the station is very simple, the bottom is composed of a series of very thin pillars, and the top is a white ETFE membrane structure awning, the entire station is more than 160 meters long.

The wide awning not only covers the entire platform, but also covers a part of the car when it is parked. Even if it rains heavily, passengers can get on and off the bus without getting caught in the rain.

In addition, lighting lamps are installed above the ETFE membrane structure sunshade. In the daytime, the awning shields passengers from part of the sun, and when it is dim, it can transform into a large and wide lighting shed. When tired passengers arrive at the station, they can feel enough warmth. 250 square meters of solar panels are also located on the top of the awning. These solar panels provide energy for all functions in the bus station, including lighting, information signs, canteen electricity and service points.

A motion sensor is installed on the edge of the awning column every 14 meters to sense the arrival of buses and passengers. In dark conditions, it can also provide adequate lighting in time. This design keeps the energy consumption of the station always kept to a minimum

Have you noticed this? The bus station design is full of inclusiveness and humanity. At the same time, some special groups were observed. For example, wheelchairs can reach the raised terrace through the ramp, and there are Braille signs on the handrails between the terrace and the platform.


Factors Affecting the Cost of Membrane Structure Parking Sheds

June 16,2021

Factors Affecting the Cost of Membrane Structure Parking Sheds

Factors affecting the cost of membrane structure parking sheds

The extensive use of membrane structure carpark sheds has begun to make people think about its cost. The membrane structure carport itself has excellent performance and low maintenance costs, but if the scope of use is relatively wide, it is necessary to consider its overall cost. Next we look at several factors that affect the cost of membrane structure carports:

The first aspect: equipment functional requirements.

Generally, the more functions required by the carport, the higher the cost of the membrane structure carport, including the later maintenance costs, will naturally be higher. At the same time, cost issues will be involved in every link from design to construction to use, and design costs must be increased during production. Therefore, the functional requirements of equipment will affect the cost of the membrane structure carport.

The second aspect: the selection of the design plan.

When it comes to the cost of the membrane structure carport, what should be thought of at the beginning is its design plan, because the construction process of a building is carried out from the original design plan. The cost of the membrane structure caused by different design schemes is also different. Basically, once the design scheme is selected, its cost will basically not change much.

The third aspect: construction norms and construction scale.

The membrane structure carport with relatively high construction standards, because all links must meet the requirements of my country's relevant standards, so the corresponding cost will be increased during the construction. At the same time, the larger the scale of the parking shed, the higher the cost. Therefore, when constructing the membrane structure carport, every link from the selection of materials, the design of the scheme to the later construction must be considered, and the scale of construction should be reduced as much as possible on the basis of meeting actual needs.

The fourth aspect: regional differences.

General parking sheds have different requirements for their functional appearance in different places. Similarly, for membrane structure carports built in different regions, because of the difference in labor costs and building materials used, the cost will be higher. s difference. Relatively speaking, the cost in more developed regions will be much higher than that in less developed regions.

The above four aspects are the main factors affecting the cost of membrane structure carports. From them, we can see that membrane structure carports want to reduce costs, from site selection, initial design, the entire construction process to the final use and subsequent maintenance Have a certain impact on the cost. Therefore, comprehensive considerations must be taken during construction.


How is the Wind Resistance of the Inflatable Membrane Structure?

May 12,2021

How is the Wind Resistance of the Inflatable Membrane Structure?

In the season of strong winds, most large cities often worry about the risks of strong winds and typhoons when considering the structure of inflatable membranes. Can the inflatable membrane structure withstand the pressure generated by strong wind? Can the problems of compression resistance, seismic resistance and strong wind resistance be handled?

Many people think that the inflatable membrane is like an outdoor tent, and it looks weak and weak. But in fact, this is not the case. When the inflatable membrane structure is constructed in typhoon-prone areas, the inflatable membrane structure manufacturer will tailor the plan design and engineering construction plan to ensure that the inflatable membrane structure is not inferior to China. traditional building.

Therefore, in contrast to traditional Chinese architecture, although it looks weak and weak, the concrete "externally rigid and internally flexible" can maintain its stand tall in a typhoon. The inflatable membrane has its own unique wind-resistant and firm method. Let me give you a detailed explanation:

Wind resistance method 1: high flexibility and modifier tensile properties of architectural membrane raw materials.

The inflatable membrane structure engineering building is basically the same as the general outdoor tent in everyone's impression, and it is soft and vulnerable. In fact, one of the reasons why inflatable membranes are often less harmed by typhoons is the softness of the high-toughness architectural membranes they choose. The softness of the membrane raw material as a building decoration material makes the inclined surface design of the inflatable membrane very possible, and the air resistance undertaken by the inclined surface design structure can be minimized. In typhoon-prone areas, select membrane materials with relatively resilient and high tensile strength to improve the compressive strength of the membrane structure.

Anti-wind method two: effective overall planning and design solutions adapted to current conditions

Before building an inflatable membrane structure engineering building, we will thoroughly understand the requirements of the owner, and then we will check and master the local climatic conditions and materials. According to the main parameters of the inflatable membrane to be built on the spot, the relative membrane raw materials and the plan are selected.

Wind resistance method 3: Intelligent system real-time monitoring system adjustment automatic control system.

Each new project of inflatable membrane is equipped with an intelligent system of real-time monitoring system adjustment automatic control system. The automatic system software will adjust the internal standard air pressure of the air film with the change of external wind speed to resist the harm of wind speed. According to the adjustment of its own standard air pressure, the harm of typhoon will be reduced to less. Inflatable membranes are even stronger than some engineering buildings that generally look like copper walls and iron walls.


Critical Points For Membrane Structure Carports

May 11,2021

Critical Points For Membrane Structure Carports

Which is your favorite among membrane structure buildings? It is believed that many people have seen membrane structure parking sheds. So if you want a membrane structure carport that looks good and has good quality that can be used for a long time, what are the points to pay attention to?

The first thing we have to think about is the function request of the fabric structure carport canopy. The main basic function of the membrane structure carport is to protect from the rain. In order to keep up with the future development speed, the most important shade structure carport project should adopt the fire protection function and be configured to provide solar energy. It should also be good self-cleaning property.

Then think about the basic requirements of steel. Some units of membrane structure carports with smaller embedded parts are not thoughtful requests, which may result in a large number of unpredictable risks in future use.

Finally, pay attention to the technical parameters of the membrane structure of the carport. Regardless of whether the membrane structure of the carport is selected from domestic or imported membrane materials, the same type of membrane material has different technical parameters for selection. For example, the thickness and color of the domestic fabric can be selected, and various accessories can also be selected. The technical parameters of these membrane materials should be selected according to the project needs, environmental water, pressure resistance and other requirements.


2021 New Building Material, ETFE

April 28,2021

2021 New Building Material, ETFE

ETFE Fabric

There is a new building material compared with traditional materials
Light and flexible, transparent and environmentally friendly
Presented under the designer
Dreamy beauty
Today, the editor will take you with you
Understand this thin and light house/wall material: ETFE material

ETFE is by far the strongest fluoroplastic
In keeping the PTFE good
At the same time of heat resistance, chemical resistance and electrical insulation properties
Its radiation resistance, mechanical properties and processing properties
Has improved a lot

Advantages of ETFE film

Lightweight, good toughness, high tensile strength, ductility
Strong weather resistance and chemical resistance
Good fire safety, no spontaneous combustion
High visible light transmittance
Excellent self-cleaning function, dust is not easy to adsorb on its surface
Good adaptability, can be processed into almost any size and shape
ETFE film can be pre-made into film airbags, assembled, inflated, and constructed on site, which is convenient for maintenance

ETFE air pillow membrane structure for buildings
The ETFE layer is continuously filled with air from the pneumatic system
To create a pillow-like cushion
Thereby providing thermal insulation and structural stability to resist wind or snow loads

Because the ETFE film has a particularly good light transmittance, it is known as "soft glass"
Because of its transparency through UV
The ability to reliably adjust the environmental conditions in the building
The film can be printed with specific patterns
And hierarchically control the conditions of sunlight

And, the low friction coefficient of ETFE
Can prevent dust or dirt from adhering to its surface
This reduces maintenance requirements.

Different from plastics that may be hazardous to health
ETFE is both easy to recycle and durable
Cost-effective production and low energy consumption during manufacturing and transportation
This is largely due to its light weight
Due to its resilience, ETFE performs well in natural disasters
And it is self-extinguishing in the event of a fire, which is a safe material


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