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March 17,2022

In a well-lit outdoor space, the shade of a shading structure is often indispensable, but the tensile structure is not only the function of shading, but also an important element in outdoor design. A sunshade that matches the environment can not only condense the overall atmosphere of the outdoor space, but also outline the pleasant outdoor scenery.

The fabric shade structures of outdoor structures can bring us visual unity and harmony, and can also plan the upper and lower priority in the space, creating a "focus". Whether opened or closed, an umbrella is a landscape.

Today's fabric structure design has become a fashion. Sunshades with different shapes and postures create a variety of styles for outdoor spaces. Or simple and modern, or relaxed and casual, or stable and elegant, or retro mix and match, an umbrella can emphasize the personality of the outdoor space.

The fabric structure and design should be self-contained with the decoration of the outdoor space, and should be in harmony with the surrounding natural environment. It is a marker of the human habitat, and at the same time a beautiful ornament in nature.

The fabric tent structures have the function of shading, so they naturally bring people a feeling of "safety and stability". In the open outdoors, with the existence of the fabric tension system, the whole space has more "home" atmosphere, making people more relaxed and comfortable.

For outdoor spaces, the shading structure is not only used during the day, but also provides lighting at night. Different lighting decorations also make the umbrellas glow with a different romantic atmosphere.

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