In the 2020 Music Festival, Let Transparent Frame House Come into Our Lives

September 03,2020

In the 2020 Music Festival, Let Transparent Frame House Come into Our Lives

The annual music festival has a lot of fun, enough for young people to experience this gluttonous feast of hearing and vision. Come to the music festival camp, everyone can experience warm-hearted tent camping, with a vast original ecological camping site, the camp will provide a super large space dome tent, the floor, tables, chairs, beds, decorations in the shed are all wooden styles, karaoke , WIFI, catering, charging, shower, anti-mosquito measures, medicine, etc.

Under the bright starry sky, living in colorful dome home construction , counting the stars in the sky, listening to sound music, playing tricks of entertainment, drinking and eating barbecue... Such a joyous carnival feast is coming to you!

Of course, the most igniting young people’s enthusiasm is the music festival atmosphere here, from unique indie music to passionate metal punk, from quiet and peaceful folk singing, to full-fledged British rock and uninterrupted music bombing, The variety of performances, colorful lighting, and avant-garde stage will surely make you intoxicated.

How can such a hilarious place lack special food? Family and friends set up a bonfire outside the large geodesic domes tent, drink freely, eat barbecue, and enjoy a rare barbecue party.

Music festival, this annual event will satisfy all your fantasies about carnival. Bring your family and friends to the festival to participate in a passionate  camp carnival!


The Sustainable Dome House Helps You Realize the Real Outdoor Wild Luxury Life

August 25,2020

The Sustainable Dome House Helps You Realize the Real Outdoor Wild Luxury Life

The custom domes is a modular structure, which can be set up in any location without being restricted by the ground conditions. It is an outdoor camping tent that is deeply concerned and loved by everyone. It is also our main camping product. The spherical tent has its own space advantage and has more Free play of space and help realize different space ideas.

This is a geodesic dome kits that we built for our customers. You can plan the rest area, bedroom, washing area, sink, dining table, refrigerator, sofa, dining table, bed, wardrobe, independent shower, etc. Visitors dine in front of the large transparent window, enjoy the endless outdoor scenery while tasting the food, and fully enjoy the fun of outdoor camping.

The biggest feature of the geodesic dome construction is that it can have a translucent space. The tarpaulin can be used for shading and transparent splicing. In order to fully contact with nature, it can be designed to look up at the starry sky, or it can be designed as a large floor-to-ceiling window. This unique environment, All can be customized according to requirements. As a team with rich design and construction experience, we can make dome building of various sizes and specifications. The conventional diameter can be 6-20 meters, and it can also be customized according to needs. 

All dome roof construction series of BDiR Inc. are customizable products. In addition to the appearance, we can provide a complete soft outfit design and function. Compared with building a hotel outdoors, the starry sky tent has the advantages of low cost and quick return. Now spherical tent hotels have been widely used in major camps. We have also built spherical yurt construction in many areas for different purposes such as camp accommodations, restaurants, and water bars.


Why the Dome are Popular in Worldwide Homestay Accommodation

July 10,2020

Why the Dome are Popular in Worldwide Homestay Accommodation

AirBed and Breakfast's Chinese name is Airbnb, which is a famous B&B institution. Airbnb is a service website that connects travellers and homeowners who have available rooms for rent. It can provide users with a variety of accommodation information. Whether it is apartments, villas, castles, tree houses, geodesic dome cabin, ecological tents, more and more accommodation houses have joined the hotel industry of the same nature as Airbnb.

Why can our green dome house occupy a corner in it?
1. The requirements of the sphere dome on the construction site are very low, such as grass, beach, jungle, hillside, etc. There are corresponding fixing methods for different terrains, and the construction has little damage to the surrounding environment and high integration. And its unique and beautiful shape, changeable tarpaulin design style makes this product can bring better results!

2. The dome has superior performances such as waterproof, flame retardant and wind resistance. Ensure a comfortable living environment inside the spherical tent. In addition, there are various choices in interior materials such as floor materials, insulation materials, bathroom equipment, partition walls, etc., which can create an accommodation environment comparable to five-star hotels.

3.Fast assembly - Our dome homes are affordable and the assembly time is fast. The costs of purchasing and installing geodesic domes for glamping are typically recouped in as little as one season. They can be installed repeatedly and lasts 10+ years, ensuring your return-on-investment for years to come.

4.Energy efficient - With the dome shaped design, eco-living dome allows for effective air movement and constant temperatures, maximizing the sun's light and warmth meanwhile reducing cooling and heating costs.  

5. Excellent safety - The unique geodesic tent structure provides excellent safety. The spherical dome tent can withstand the wind of 80-100km/h, even in the harsh weather such as heavy snow, wind and rain. Geodesic dome construction in such soft buliding foundation (like the grassland, desert and beach) is also quite stable.


Modern Designers Often Choose the Geosic Dome Structure as a Greenhouse

June 08,2020

Modern Designers Often Choose the Geosic Dome Structure as a Greenhouse

Why many designers often choose the domes building as a greenhouse? Good air distribution and natural light distribution in the dome ensure good conditions for plants. We use the climate control system to build the greenhouse dome, even in the northern climate zone, we can grow tropical plants. It also ensures the controlled diffusion of different solar radiation into the interior of the dome, as well as regulating the temperature, humidity and airflow. It offers the possibility to build a large space without columns and beams, which is very beneficial to the domed building.

The dome shelter is a great choice for those looking for a unique gardening place. Dome greenhouses are convenient because they can turn into trees or oranges. Equipped with open windows, special doors and ventilated rooms. We can build simple tent-covered greenhouses for traditional gardening or luxurious orange glass greenhouses, so that the plants surround and relax in harmony.

Whether you are interested in basic horticulture or commercial planting business, the large dome greenhouse can meet your needs, help you cultivate plants and help them thrive. When exposed to sunlight, the inside of our greenhouse dome is significantly warmer than the external ambient temperature, protecting the contents in cold weather.

We design, produce and build dome greenhouse from 5m to 100m

1. In terms of space lighting, the Geo dome greenhouse is the best choice; the light naturally spreads evenly.
2. Compared with rectangular, spherical amplifies light and absorbs light. Therefore, in the Geo dome greenhouse, you will get more sunlight than the ordinary greenhouse.
3.Geo dome greenhouse can adapt to any landscape.
4.Geo dome greenhouse has a unique and powerful framework.
5. It can be perfectly durable in any weather conditions. It can withstand the strongest wind and the strongest snow.
6. Quick installation
7. High quality, reliability and availability.
Geo dome greenhouse is a source of vitamins throughout the year!


Prefab Desert Canvas Domes Shade Structures Tents Manufacturer form China

May 22,2020

Prefab Desert Canvas Domes Shade Structures Tents Manufacturer form China

Our desert domes architecture combines with the modern style while still retaining a true desert experience. Each cabin house room is equipped with air conditioning and bathroom.

The prefab dome frame can be equipped with platforms, floors, walls and observation decks. It can be equipped with large beds and Crepe. Air-conditioning, lighting, exquisite home, bathroom equipment, etc. create a five-star outdoor luxury tent hotel. In the alpine region, you can choose to use elastic cloth and insulation cotton to improve the warmth of the tent pods and ensure that the temperature inside of dome tent house is moderate. In the hot desert area, we combine the heat insulation performance of the membrane material and the solar fan (exhaust heat), an effective way to keep the dome cool even in hot weather. If your dome tent is exposed to direct sunlight throughout the day, you may need to consider adding a separate air-conditioning unit.

http://bdir.com provides tourist attractions with unique and custom designed geodesic dome tent with Dimension from 6m to 80m . 

1.The dome tent is easy and fast to assemble and dismantle. We will offer the installation manual and vedio.
2.No pole inside the dome tent,100% available interior space
3.The frame of the tent is rustless and eco-friendly.
4.Full line accessories available. You can chose the accessories for the tent accord withe your require.
5.You can customize any size of the tent you need.


The Edificio Modular Geodesic Dome Construction Meet Various Needs

May 13,2020

The Edificio Modular Geodesic Dome Construction Meet Various Needs

The dome house is versatile and can be applied to a total of 8 application scenarios, such as pastoral complexes, farmhouses, ecological farms, water fishing, starry sky restaurants, entertainment activities, and leisure and entertainment. In specific use, the spherical tent house has three advantages of all seasons, all climates and all terrains.

The design of the geosic dome house adopts the design without pillars in the middle, and the circular interior space without pillars can be used as accommodation, catering and farmhouse. As long as the tent house is equipped with furniture and special insulation, it can provide guests with the comfort of a star hotel; and with a transparent tarp, decorated with star lights, the spherical tent house turns into a "bubble dome"; because The overall quality is light, and the spherical tent house can be installed on the lake for fishing, etc. In addition, the spherical tent house can also be used as a greenhouse, farmhouse, activity room, etc.

1. Hotel / Campsite / Homestay
● The indoor area of the 6-meter spherical tent is 28m²
● Large panoramic PVC floor-to-ceiling windows
● Special insulation layer to ensure indoor comfortable temperature

2. Bubble Dome Restaurant / Outdoor Cafe

● Full transparent spherical starry sky restaurant
● No column design in the middle, creative interior decoration
● Use all season, no terrain restrictions

3. Pastoral Complex / Farm Stay / Ecological Farm 

● Create an outdoor creative space and provide a new wild experience
● Suitable for almost all terrain
● Reusable


Why Choose the Famous Dome Shelter for Outdoor Camp?

May 06,2020

Why Choose the Famous Dome Shelter for Outdoor Camp?

The shape of the BDiR Inc. geodesic dome tent hotel house is unique. The geodesic dome tent lodge has been favored by wild luxury hotels, RV camps and scenic spots resort in recent years.

BDiR Inc.'s standard geodome house are made of galvanized steel tubes that are assembled from galvanized steel tubes. They can also be sprayed other colors on the surface to make them more beautiful. We offer glamping dome tents ranging in diameter from 4 to 80 meters. The frame structure is designed by professional building structural engineers and is assembled from a triangular bearing that is mechanically weight-bearing. It is convenient and firm. 

The outside roof of the dome structure is made of PVC/PVDF fabric membrane that meets the national environmental protection standards. In addition to its strong toughness, it can also be fireproof and UV-proof. It can withstand the harsh conditions of various wind, frost, snow and snow in the wild, and can reach a service life of 8~10 years. The inside covers of dome lodges are environmentally friendly insulation cotton, which plays the role of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation.

The large dome tent for camping site is more cost-effect. A geodesic dome tent with a space of 28 square meters, even with smart electric glass windows and electric starlight sunroof, is only priced at 4,000-5000$. Compared with tens thousands $ of other hotel room, the dome tent hotel is undoubtedly the most attractive to investors cost. 

Moreover, geodesic dome kit are used in a wide range of applications. In addition to hotel accommodation, they can also be used as specialty restaurants, music event, movie projection, and even commercial exhibitions. Their easy-to-assemble features and unique style make it no matter where it is used. Can exude its unique charm, and then attract everyone’s attention.


Use Innovative Half Sphere Large Geodesic Dome Tent to Create the Most High-Profile Stage Scene

May 18,2020

Use Innovative Half Sphere Large Geodesic Dome Tent to Create the Most High-Profile Stage Scene

The advantages of transparent half shaped clear large commercial dome  in application:
The material of the half geodesic dome is the same as that of the spherical tent. The specially treated galvanized pipe frame and PVC coated tarpaulin make it also have excellent weather resistance and long service life outdoors!

The half dome tent structure brings an open space. The combination of the outer structure and the truss improves the aesthetics and practicality. It can hang a variety of stage lights, advertising signs, decorations, etc. in exhibitions, projections, concerts, music festivals, etc. There are quite amazing effects on the event application!

Although the dome tent is semi-circular, for large-scale performances, the open hemisphere space can provide a safe environment for stage performances, and at the same time enable the audience to enjoy the carnival under the stage and instantly ignite the atmosphere of the event. Bring unexpected effects to the event!
At present, for large-scale events such as concerts, concerts, event performances, we can provide customized oversized round shade half dome tent, with the colorful lights and music on the field, to create a unique large hemispheric performance stage for the event!


Use the 360° Projection Dome to Create a Real-Time Interactive Scene for High-End Activity

April 22,2020

Use the 360° Projection Dome to Create a Real-Time Interactive Scene for High-End Activity

With the rise of the dome theater in the world, the dome 360 projection also has an important part in the theater application. The spherical tent as a medium of panoramic projection only needs to add a special layer of tarpaulin inside, and use the dome structure of the spherical tent to make pictures on the "tarpaulin in the spherical tent" through projection, lighting, audio , Video, movies, games and other real-time interactions can create a real-time panoramic immersive immersive art commercial space, and its art forms can be used in astronomy, entertainment, technology, museums and dome theaters. 

For the event, whether it is themed display or brand effect, the 3d dome projection has played a huge role. Through multiple projections and lighting equipment, a series of event themes Related to the wide-angle projection on the tarpaulin inside the tent, this cool ball screen projection effect provides an all-round enclosed space for the arriving guests. The flowing lights and pictures greatly enhance the modern sense of the event and make people deep impression.

Fulldome projection is a combination of spherical tent design and interior decoration. Using the advantages of its own curved surface design, various elements such as light, audio and video are fused and released. In order to improve the application value of the inflatable projection dome, and thus create a more flexible space, in the future, the internal projection mode of the dome tent will be better promoted and applied with the development of technology.


How about the Performance of the Pvc Geodesic Dome Construction

April 15,2020

How about the Performance of  the Pvc Geodesic Dome Construction

More and more people choose project dome in the market, especially PVC large dome tents are one of the most popular tents, and are also widely used in outdoor activity.

Material properties of mobile dome construction:

The domes frame is made of galvanized tube, and the cover is made of PVC cloth. It is the mainstream material for outdoor activity dome tents, and different manufacturers will have different processes and specifications. The project dome tent will adopt thickened specifications when selecting galvanized pipes, and its surface will also be hot dip galvanized or sprayed with anti-corrosion treatment, which can ensure that the custom dome tent has 8-12 level wind resistance and load bearing Ability, service life up to more than 5 years!

The covered PVC membrane is treated with a special coating. The thickness of PVC tarpaulin and transparent tarpaulin has been specially treated. PVC membrane is not easy to damage, waterproof, thermal insulation, flame retardant, tear resistance, etc. The performance is superior, and it can withstand more than -30 degrees even at the lowest temperature, so the use of prefab dome structure in ice and snow environments is not a problem. Therefore, the PVC large dome tent has a very comprehensive performance, it has a variety of specifications and style options, and there are no restrictions on any construction environment!

In summary, the PVC dome roof construction has excellent comprehensive performance, can cope with various outdoor conditions, and can customize various styles, such as inkjet, projection and ball screen. This is a great choice for outdoor gazebo ,glamping ,and greenhouse !



In Addition to Building Permits, What Else Needs to be Done to Build a Tent Hotel Camp

In Addition to Building Permits, What Else Needs to be Done to Build a Tent Hotel Camp

September 17,2020

BDiR Inc. currently focuses on tourist attractions and special camps, providing hotel-style wild luxury tent design customization and tent camp planning services.
How to Turn a Tensile Membrane Tent Hotel into a Holiday Accommodation?

How to Turn a Tensile Membrane Tent Hotel into a Holiday Accommodation?

September 15,2020

the cottage tent can greatly improve the layout of the family, focusing on the interior design, and perfect the field tent hotel for a variety of options to live in.
Special Camping Tents Design to Create a Green Luxury Camp

Special Camping Tents Design to Create a Green Luxury Camp

September 12,2020

The lodge style tents is very suitable for modern young people's choice. Let me experience the beautiful tent hotel design with you.


Luxury Eco Friendly Tent Structures Lodges for Tea Garden Holiday Hotel

Luxury Sustainable Hospitality Eco Tent Structure Villas