Glamping Dome

Developing ecotourism destinations – creating space for an unforgettable experience. Glamping Domes combines the comfort of a hotel room with the simplicity of the outdoors. Specially designed for nature seekers, adventure chasers, peace and quiet seekers, stargazers and memory makers, the geodesic glamping dome pods offers a private outdoor space with five-star comfort. 
The spherical dome tent with a diameter of 4-10 meters is suitable for most Camping Sites. The space inside of camping dome tent is open and bright. The glamping tents can be equipped with platforms, floors, walls and observation decks. It can be equipped with large beds and Crepe. Air-conditioning, lighting, exquisite home, bathroom equipment, etc. create a five-star outdoor luxury tent hotel. In the alpine region, you can choose to use elastic cloth and insulation cotton to improve the warmth of the tent pods and ensure that the temperature inside of dome tent house is moderate.