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Maintenance Services

To keep your Tensile Fabric roof in a pointed shape, cleaning and maintenance are critical. If you want your tensile structure to remain the same quality as it was installed (thus extending its useful life), BDiR. Inc recommends regular inspection of your structures.

1. Clean
It is mainly divided into membrane cleaning and steel structure cleaning.
(1) Membrane surface cleaning: The tensile membrane structures has an anti-fouling coating. The natural washing of the rainwater can keep the membrane surface clean, and improper cleaning will not only prolong its service life, but also damage the membrane performance. However, there are also special circumstances, such as less local precipitation, serious air pollution, bird excrement, and the rainwater esidual stains after evaporation . When these conditions occur, the membrane surface is Cleaned . It must be accordance with the manufacturer's operating instructions when cleaning. It should be ensured that the surface treatment layer of the coating membrane such as PVDF is not damaged.In addition, the cleaning personnel must wear soft-soled shoes when walking on the film surface. When cleaning, the cleaning agent for the film should be used. It should also be noted that the film surface will be very slippery when it meets water, so it is necessary to take safety measures in advance.
(2) Clean steel structure: When cleaning the steel structure, it is also necessary to pay attention not to use hard brush, steel ball, strong acid, strong alkali, organic solution, etc., in order to prevent damage to the paint surface of the steel structure, try to use soft brush, Sponge and towel for cleaning.

2. corrosion
At the beginning of the membrane structure design, the membrane structure related parts will be treated according to the local natural environment. However, after the membrane structure engineering is completed, the corrosion of the support structure, cable, splint and bolt connection is checked periodical.  If corrosion is found, the corrosion layer should be removed and the surface must be re-treated in this area. If the connecting bolt is corroded, it should be re-corroded or replaced depending on the corrosion.

3. Drainage and snow removal
The drain groove of the membrane surface must be inspected regularly so that it does not clog due to accumulation of leaves or other debris. When the membrane surface is subjected to water or snow, the membrane will be deformed due to the load. If the slope of the membrane surface is small, water or snow may accumulate. Therefore, when rainfall or snowfall is large, it should be Check the film surface. If there is any accumulation, it is necessary to drain the snow in time.

4.The second tension
The membrane structure relies on the pre-stress of the membrane surface and the support structure and the cable to maintain the shape. It is sensitive to wind loads. If the pre-stress is too low, a large displacement will occur if the horizontal load is large. The film will produce slack and creep under the continuous action of the load. At this time, the film structure needs to be tensioned twice to restore its prestress. It should be noted that only adjustable parts can be set at the time of design (for example: the basket bolts of cable, the telescopic rods of the support columns, etc.)It is possible to achieve a secondary tension , and without these adjustable parts, the film can only be cut.

5. repair
You need to check the membrane surface for completeness. If you find that the film surface has minor damage, you can directly contact the manufacturer for repair. For damages less than 5cm in length, the patch can be repaired directly on the outside of the membrane fabric surface, and the patch must be rounded. The dust, grease and grease stains on the welding surface should be cleaned up and the repair work should be carried out by experienced personnel.
PVDF membrane repair generally uses hot gas welding, and the PVDF surface layer in the weld zone must be carefully removed. This repair method is suitable for PVDF membranes with a short time. However, the long-term use of the old membranes in the long-term effect of ultraviolet light on the PVC coating becomes brittle, it is difficult to weld on the old film surface and the weld seam is unstable. Therefore, it is recommended to use the adhesive repair method.
The PTFE membrane should be welded according to the manufacturer's instructions in accordance with the heating and cooling cycle procedures. FEP or PEA soldering layers should be added between the film side and the patch during soldering.

6. replace
One of the great advantages of the membrane structure is that the replacement is very simple. As long as the design drawings and processing drawings of the membrane structure are retained, the old membrane surface can be replaced by a new membrane. Before replacement, it is necessary to check the steel structure, steel cable, bolts, nuts, plywood and other components to see if they need to be replaced, and to clean, derust and anti-corrosion parts that continue to be used.