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Commissioning and Pre-tension Application

1. Installation and Commissioning
(1) Complete all installed adjustable parts according to the construction drawing.
(2) Adjust the connecting plate of the base seat in place.

2. Apply pre-tension
(1) Strictly check the jack and load cell. Is the instrument and the force applying mechanism intact?
(2) Thoroughly inspect the connection joint between the membrane fabric and the steel cable and the steel member, and confirm that all the attachments at the edge of the membrane and the corner are well connected, and there is no case where the membrane is stressed. 
(3) Carefully check the construction drawing and carefully confirm the displacement of the applied point and the force value under the prestressed state.
(4) Apply pre-tension to the overall structural system at the point of application using the force-applying tools such as the jack and the force measuring device according to the construction and installation plan. The force application process is carried out according to the number of steps determined by the installation plan and the displacement amount of each step. It is necessary to make an effective adjustment according to the Site specific situation.
(5) The interval between the application of the pre-tension in the last step and the previous step should be greater than 24 h to eliminate the creep of the film material. The force control standard is based on the displacement of the force point to the design range, and the tolerance is 10%.