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Steel Structure Installation Method

1. Preparation for installation

The foundation project check and accept according to the requirements of the civil foundation drawing and cable-membrane structure installation. The acceptance scope includes the coordinates of the basic working point, the allowable deviation of each direction is ±5mm;  the exact position and quantity of the embedded parts; the exact position and quantity of the anchor bolts, The grounding bolt can be biased by ±2mm; the anchor bolt and nut are free of defects. Anti-rust and anti-collision protection for anchor bolts and nuts. According to the construction and installation plan, the specific installation steps are detailed. When using a crane, attention must be paid to the secondary handling of the hoisting structural members, and the cranes enter and exit the road. According to the technical data of the crane used, plan the position and movement of the crane.

The steel structure is erected after partial assembly on the ground according to the construction and installation plan. In the secondary handling of the hoisting parts, it must be in accordance with the construction drawing, one-to-one correspondence, check clearly, and make the hoisting direction a clear sign to ensure a successful hoisting. Before hoisting, strictly check whether the dimensions of the joint parts of steel and steel components meet the design requirements. If there is any error, it can be hoisted after the ground correction.

2. Steel structure & cable hoisting
According to the construction and installation plan, set up a safe and stable aerial work platform, and hoist other steel components and steel cables in order and connect them according to the construction drawing.