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With 10 years of experience in the tensile membrane structures industry, we have successfully designed, engineered, manufactured and installed thousands of high quality tension membrane construction projects in 37 countries around the world. The tensile fabric structures used as roofing/canopy/shade/sail/marquee for sports facilities, transportation facilities, cultural facilities, landscape facilities, commercial facilities, sewage treatment canopy, biogas storage tanks, Air membranes structures, membrane structure hotels, Geodesic Domes etc. Our structure complies with local and international wind and snow load standards. We will never  take risks when we provide our customers with a tensioned membrane structure that meets the wind and snow load requirements of each region or country.

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    Professional Manufacturer

    We specialize in providing a full range of services from concept design to fabric structure project implementation.

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    Quality is the lifeline of our company. We have 0 fault tensile structure in our projects over the past 10 years.

Steel Processing Factory

The steel structure processing factory covers an area of 3,000 m2. It has a CNC intersecting wire cutting machine, pipe bending machine beveling machines and a finishing workshop with turning, milling, planing and drilling. The annual steel structure processing capacity is 10,000 tons. It has the qualification of three-level construction of steel structure issued by the competent department of construction of the state.

Fabric Processing Factory

The fabric membrane processing factory covers an area of 5,000 m2, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 m2 of PTEF; an annual production capacity of 100,000 m2 of ETFE; and an annual production capacity of 300,000 m2 of PVC / PVDF. We have the qualification of membrane structure design and construction issued by industry associations.

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The Eco Dome Tent Blends in Harmoniously with the Landscape How to Choose the Supporting Facilities of the Luxury Hotel Tent? Supporting Facilities for Residential Areas with Modern Shade Structures in Gambia

The Eco Dome Tent Blends in Harmoniously with the Landscape

The "Geodesic Dome" is an ecological house that can adapt to the climate of the four seasons. Each building is set on the edge of a hillside and blends into the landscape in harmony.

They can be accessed via a path through the trees from a common parking lot at the entrance. The dome house is set on a wooden patio and houses a platform overlooking the natural setting. The windowed area offers a breathtaking view  and maximizes exposure to natural light.

The following is the installation of the eco dome house:
1.The domes is set on a wooden patio which overlooking the natural setting
2.The woodshed
3.A black streamlined service area is set in the center
4.The windows
5.The bed
6.The fireplace 
7.The detailed view
A true invitation to experience luxury in the mountains, in harmony with nature and its elements.

How to Choose the Supporting Facilities of the Luxury Hotel Tent?

With the development of cultural tourism, the tent hotel is a modular structure product that has been loved by the majority of camp developers. For scenic spots, in addition to providing a large number of accommodation spaces, the architectural style is also enriched.

Generally speaking, the configuration of a safari hotel tent includes the main support structure, tarpaulin, door and window systems, etc. This is the main structure of a tent hotel. In addition, what other options are available?

1.Platform structure
 Although the floor system increases the construction cost of the tent hotel in the camp, this can extend the area of the camping hotel tent, and the spacious viewing terrace also improves the comfort of the tent hotel. The platform includes an assembled galvanized steel frame system and a wooden platform system. The steel frame system can be used on flat or sloped surfaces, which can raise the ground to 0.5-1.5 meters above the ground. This not only ensures that the platform is on a horizontal surface. , We can also achieve dry and wet separation of the accommodation floor and outdoor ground.
2.Sidewall System

shelter hotel tent can freely divide and use space, and are good at using walls to enrich your space. However, the choice of the wall is also very particular. In addition to the different colors and patterns of the surface, soft and hard are optional, and the hard wall is also available with insulation sandwich materials. It can be used in northern winter to better resist the cold and effectively soundproof. Moisture proof.

Outdoor tent hotel lighting is very important. In order to live comfortably, avoid high light intensity and not too glare, try to choose warm light soft lighting, in addition to the lighting inside the tent, if there is an outdoor viewing terrace may It also involves wall lamps and floor lamps. Waterproofing should be considered when selecting these outdoor lamps. Based on this, the form of the lamps should be carefully selected according to the style.
4.Bathroom system

 If your tent is used for accommodation, a good independent bathroom system is definitely a matter of improving the happiness of outdoor living. Nowadays, many independent bathroom systems used in hotels on the market, with reasonable space planning in the early stage, can also be created like star hotels. The comfortable independent bathroom system should be planned according to the actual area of each tent.

5.Other Accessories
After the hardware is assembled, it should be assembled softly. For example, comfortable luxury beds and bedding, and cotton-linen curtains with better light-shielding properties can enhance the comfort of the accommodation. Appropriate fresh greens can be used as embellishments in the room, as are air conditioning and heaters. It is a good helper for warm in winter and cool in summer. It is more intimate to provide guests with slippers, umbrellas, and toiletries. Outdoor observation decks can be equipped with leisure facilities such as coffee tables and chairs, leisure rattan chairs, barbecue grills, stargazing telescopes, etc., which can make travelers have a higher sense of participation and integration in outdoor camp life.
As a tent manufacturer with many years of experience, BDiR Inc., a professional design R & D team and a professional soft design team, can provide customers with one-stop tent hotels including scenic area planning, tent configuration, and soft matching Custom services.

Supporting Facilities for Residential Areas with Modern Shade Structures in Gambia

The Republic of the Gambia is located at 13 ° 28 'north latitude, 16 ° 39' west longitude, western Africa, and west of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is 48 kilometers long and covers an area of 10690 square kilometers.

In terms of the shelter structures itself, in addition to its unique decorative effect, it can be more difficult to meet the requirements of other architectural forms through its rich and convenient form. In addition to some iconic buildings (sculptures, flower beds, fountains, etc.) in a residential area, it must not lack necessary supporting facilities.

1.Business club
This is a comprehensive facility with leisure, entertainment, shopping and other facilities for owners who will stay in the community in the future. The space on the top floor is also fully utilized as an outdoor cafe. Similarly, the fabric tension building here will also be combined with lighting facilities, echoing the membrane structure on the roof of the residential building to form a colorful nighttime landscape of the community.
2. Entrance and exit of underground garage

 At present, most middle-to-high-end residential areas have garages, and the use of membrane structures in the design of the entrance and exit of the garage is a creative idea. Although this medium-membrane structure garage entrance is no longer a new concept abroad, but the domestic membrane structure is still in an emerging stage. A newly designed and cleverly conceived membrane structure garage entrance not only plays the building performance of ordinary building materials, but also adds highlights to the community environment.

3.parking lot 
 With the acceleration of urban modernization, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in any city. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry in China, the number of cars owned by cities has increased exponentially, but urban construction planning has not been able to adapt to this development requirement as quickly as possible, and often there is no place for parking. Therefore, the issue of parking lots should be fully considered in the planning of construction groups, and the construction and planning of parking lots as an important part of modern urban construction planning has become increasingly important. Similarly, fabric structures also play an important role in the construction of parking lots.
People living in modern cities have stepped from the past social behavior for the purpose of earning a living to a new level for the purpose of "music life", and have pursued a spiritually healthy, pleasant and humane cultural environment. The modern built environment is a comprehensive representation of modern cities, modern culture and society, and the lives and concepts of modern people. In terms of showing people's individuality, self-entertainment and diversified environmental spaces, the membrane structures architecture, with its unique architectural form, will surely be used more and more widely in environmental construction.