Professional Tensile Membrane Structure Design & Manufacturer

With 10 years of experience in the tensile membrane structures industry, we have successfully designed, engineered, manufactured and installed thousands of high quality tension membrane construction projects in 37 countries around the world. The tensile fabric structures used as roofing/canopy/shade/sail/marquee for sports facilities, transportation facilities, cultural facilities, landscape facilities, commercial facilities, sewage treatment canopy, biogas storage tanks, Air membranes structures, membrane structure hotels, Geodesic Domes etc. Our structure complies with local and international wind and snow load standards. We will never  take risks when we provide our customers with a tensioned membrane structure that meets the wind and snow load requirements of each region or country.

  • Professional Manufacturer

    Professional Manufacturer

    We specialize in providing a full range of services from concept design to fabric structure project implementation.

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    Quality Service

    We provide fast, high quality and enthusiastic service, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • Corporate Vision

    Corporate Vision

    Quality is the lifeline of our company. We have 0 fault tensile structure in our projects over the past 10 years.

Steel Processing Factory

The steel structure processing factory covers an area of 3,000 m2. It has a CNC intersecting wire cutting machine, pipe bending machine beveling machines and a finishing workshop with turning, milling, planing and drilling. The annual steel structure processing capacity is 10,000 tons. It has the qualification of three-level construction of steel structure issued by the competent department of construction of the state.

Fabric Factory

The fabric membrane processing factory covers an area of 5,000 m2, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 m2 of PTEF; an annual production capacity of 100,000 m2 of ETFE; and an annual production capacity of 300,000 m2 of PVC / PVDF. We have the qualification of membrane structure design and construction issued by industry associations.

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • BDiR Inc. Certificate
  • Tensile Structure Certificate
Bdir Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel,  New Hotel Model Back to Nature The Use Of The Geodesic Dome Tent Camping Tourism, Luxury Tent Hotels have become Popular

Bdir Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel, New Hotel Model Back to Nature

The reinforced concrete structure of the traditional hotel, fast accommodation, the exterior of the hotel and the interior style of the hotel room are all the same, which can only meet simple accommodation needs, and tourists cannot get a sense of freshness and experience. In addition, traditional hotels have large limitations and are relatively fixed, which cannot satisfy the modern urban crowd's idea of ​​"zero distance contact with nature".

In recent years, traditional hotels are also transforming into new types of hotels. Among them, the geodesic dome tent hotel subverts the positioning of the traditional hotel and is favored by various scenic spots and tourists.

For tourists
The hemispherical shape has a unique appearance and a full sense of design. It not only meets the functional requirements of practicality, but also attracts attention.

The geodesic galamping tent hotels that can be built anywhere are also closer to nature. As soon as you go out, you can step on the soft grass like a carpet and breathe in the fresh outdoor air.
For operators and merchants
Compared with other traditional hotels, spherical tents require lower operating costs. Temporary buildings eliminate the construction process of traditional fixed buildings.

At the same time, because of its ease of construction, it can be designed in various places in the scenic area to bring more benefits to the scenic area.
For the environment
The dome tent hotel product itself is an environmentally friendly building, which will not damage the original landscape and natural environment

The dome surface of the dome tent is mainly composed of multiple triangular surfaces, and the force is reasonable. The main structure adopts high-strength aluminum alloy material, which has strong safety performance, stable structure, wind, snow and flame resistance.

The tent can be opened at any triangle surface, and at the same time, by reducing the club or changing the tarpaulin style, it can achieve more modeling effects such as full transparency, translucent, hemispherical, and arc door.

The tarpaulin is made of high-strength PVC knife scraping tarpaulin, with a variety of colors. White, transparent, beige, etc. can also be matched at will to create a unique eye-catching appearance.

The Use Of The Geodesic Dome Tent

In addition to the excellent applications in various outdoor and commercial activities, geodesic dome tents begins to take the place of the traditional building in many scenery sites.So what are the uses of dome tents in scenic spots

Geodesic dome tents has become a new choice for outdoor space in the scenic area for its unique and attractive appearance and excellent waterproof and high wind load capacity. Moreover, as an outdoor semi-permanent building, the dome house not only has a life span more than 10 years, but also not occupy the land area and damage the environment of the scenic spot. So it is naturally favored by a large number of scenic camps!

Dome tent with small diameter

Small-size tents are generally about 5-10 meters in diameter, and the overall area is not very large, about 20-80 square meters. At present, it is most most widely used as a wild luxury hotel accommodation. The semi-transparent dome space and the characteristics of not damaging the environment, fast building and dismantling make it a good choice for scenic accommodation. In addition, its attractive appearance is also suitable for many different applications such as ticket halls, independent outdoor restaurants, leisure gardens, etc.

Dome tent with large diameter

With continuous breakthroughs in the technology, geodesic dome with larger area of space can bring more applications to the scenic spot. For example, the conventional dome shape is very suitable for applications such as large-scale service centers,entertainment centers, restaurants, etc., and even large-scale skating rinks, badminton, basketball and other sports venues. You can also use light projection and ball Screen technology creates a panoramic dome experience hall, adding very attractive entertainment items to the scenic spot!

Camping Tourism, Luxury Tent Hotels have become Popular

The world has never lacked natural beauty and luxury hotels. When the two are combined, what will happen?Let us walk into nature today, interact with mountains, rivers and forests, and explore the luxurious beauty of nature. Let's take a look at the famous tent hotel~


Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp

The Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is located on a mountainside, next to the Grumidi River, overlooking the endless East African savannah. It is a good place to watch and photograph animals. The tent is built from logs and topped with thatch. The hotel is full of retro wooden furniture and accessories, restoring the local style. Here you can watch the annual wild antelope migration up close and complete a wild trip.


Kang Teng Gladan Tented Camp

Kang Teng Geladan Tented Camp is located in Laojun Mountain National Park, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, on the Geladan grassland at an altitude of 3,600 meters. It is China's first high-altitude high-end tent camp. At night here, you can see the super beautiful starry sky. Summer and autumn are the best stargazing seasons in Gradan. The stars are shining, as if you can reach the stars by reaching out.


Sichuan Ganzi-Yanzigou Bubble Hotel

The Bubble Hotel is located in Tianyaoshuiping in the Yanzigou Scenic Area, Sichuan. The Bubble Hotel introduces a fully transparent romantic experience bubble hotel designed by a French designer. The hotel can fully view the surrounding beautiful scenery 360°, and is a completely outdoor tent hotel. Here, during the day you can see endless glaciers and the redstone valley that stretches for 40 kilometers, which is the most distinctive landscape of Yanzigou. You can also see the big snow peaks in the scenic area. At night, you can lie on a soft bed and watch the splendid night sky on the plateau.