Professional Tensile Membrane Structure Design & Manufacturer

With 10 years of experience in the tensile membrane structures industry, we have successfully designed, engineered, manufactured and installed thousands of high quality tension membrane construction projects in 37 countries around the world. The tensile fabric structures used as roofing/canopy/shade/sail/marquee for sports facilities, transportation facilities, cultural facilities, landscape facilities, commercial facilities, sewage treatment canopy, biogas storage tanks, Air membranes structures, membrane structure hotels, Geodesic Domes etc. Our structure complies with local and international wind and snow load standards. We will never  take risks when we provide our customers with a tensioned membrane structure that meets the wind and snow load requirements of each region or country.

  • Professional Manufacturer

    Professional Manufacturer

    We specialize in providing a full range of services from concept design to fabric structure project implementation.

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    Quality Service

    We provide fast, high quality and enthusiastic service, and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • Corporate Vision

    Corporate Vision

    Quality is the lifeline of our company. We have 0 fault tensile structure in our projects over the past 10 years.

Steel Processing Factory

The steel structure processing factory covers an area of 3,000 m2. It has a CNC intersecting wire cutting machine, pipe bending machine beveling machines and a finishing workshop with turning, milling, planing and drilling. The annual steel structure processing capacity is 10,000 tons. It has the qualification of three-level construction of steel structure issued by the competent department of construction of the state.

Fabric Factory

The fabric membrane processing factory covers an area of 5,000 m2, with an annual production capacity of 200,000 m2 of PTEF; an annual production capacity of 100,000 m2 of ETFE; and an annual production capacity of 300,000 m2 of PVC / PVDF. We have the qualification of membrane structure design and construction issued by industry associations.

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  • Tensile Structure Certificate
What Kind Of Fabric Is The Tarp Of A Luxury Glamping Tent The BDiR Team Will Show You How To Identify A Good-Quality Luxury Glamping Tent Transparent Dome Restaurant is not Afraid of Wind and Rain - It is Fashionable in Itself

What Kind Of Fabric Is The Tarp Of A Luxury Glamping Tent

Eco glamping tents are semi-permanent temporary buildings. The waterproof, anti-aging, and self-cleaning properties of the hotel tent tarpaulin are issues that customers are more concerned about.

1. Hotel tent fabric is waterproof, anti-aging and self-cleaning;

Normally, tarpaulin fabrics of the glamping hotel tent are excellent tarpaulin fabrics with PVC knife coating synthetic fiber cloth. The manufacture of hotel tents requires advanced processing technology. As an important material for tents, tarpaulin needs to be jointly developed with upstream manufacturers. The surface of the hotel tent fabric will be treated with two major surface treatment technologies: PVDF and base fabric anti-seepage absorption, which not only has water resistance, but also has the characteristics of self-cleaning, mildew resistance, anti-aging, and flame retardant.

2.Various colors for luxury glamping tents are available.

Luxury hotel tent is a fashionable and popular product. It integrates culture and tourism. The conventional colors of tarpaulin fabrics are: silver gray, black, red, yellow, green, white, blue, beige, camouflage, etc.  It not only can meet the needs of customers In terms of function, but are available in various colors in terms of appearance , which make it  more literary and artistic. Not only blending into nature, but even adding color to nature.

3.The hotel tent tarpaulin are customizable with personalized graphics

The fabric of the tent hotel tarpaulin can be customized according to customer needs, or DIY hotel theme colors, using anti-UV digital inkjet or silk screen printing for various graphic printing, making the appearance of the tent hotel into a more distinctive hotel tent .

The BDiR Team Will Show You How To Identify A Good-Quality Luxury Glamping Tent

The quality of Glamping tents is not only a commitment given by the manufacturer, but also requires an appraisal skill. After all, the quality appraisal of a good camping tent needs to start from the professional acceptance standard. For products such as Luxury glamping tent, Geodesic dome tent, and starry tent hotels that have been consulted more recently, the BDiR Team shared how to identify them as better Glamping tents.


The primary factor of good quality Glamping tent-is the tent material

Tarpaulin material: Standardized 850g/㎡ double-coated PVC tarpaulin, or standardized membrane roof, the two main materials can be fireproof and flame retardant, and the flame retardant standard of PVC tarpaulin reaches DIN4102 B1/M2, which is in line with EU export standard. Of course, materials with higher standards such as 950g/㎡, 1100g/㎡ and other different standards are used in China.

There are also high-quality glass walls, wooden walls, glass doors, etc. to choose from. The identification of the camping tent material standard is to look at the functionality of the material from a professional perspective and the benefits of the overall advantage, which will help the use of glamping tent Long life issue.

The second factor of the good quality of Glamping tent is the tent workmanship.

For material processing, it includes cutting-flattening-bending-punching-coding-baking-drying and other processes. It is worth mentioning that the details and professionalism of the workmanship ensure that the tent hotel material is strong and will not be deformed under long-term external force, and the frame can be disassembled and reassembled many times, still as new, and the quality can stand the test of time.

The second factor of good glamping tent quality is the safety of the tent.

The safety mentioned lies in the professionalism of the construction technology to ensure the stability and safety of the Camping tent. Most of the high-strength 6082-T6, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy profile brackets are used for prefabricated aluminum pipe fittings that are fixed and linked by high-strength bolts. It has a wind resistance of up to 100km/h, is safe and durable, and ensures the stability and service life of the entire tent structures.

BDiR Inc is the preferred camping product in each tourist area. Experts share all-around quality appraisal skills to ensure that investors obtain high-quality and highly secure Luxury glamping tents. The personalized appearance advantages of glamping tents are favored by more tourists. The exterior and interior layout can be fully integrated into nature, and have zero distance contact with nature.

Transparent Dome Restaurant is not Afraid of Wind and Rain - It is Fashionable in Itself

In this bright season, the outdoor restaurant gazebo has become the darling of diners, the gentle sunshine, accompanied by the freshness of nature, is comfortable and relaxing. Merchants use the empty space as restaurants, but terrace restaurants are often affected by weather issues, so how can the featureless space the original panoramic features and beautify them?

Have you seen the transparent tent restaurant? The transparent tent house of BDiR Inc. can be transformed into a restaurant, while solving weather problems and becoming a landscape.

The custom canopy tent of BDiR Inc. is composed of a fully transparent PVC tarpaulin and a steel tube net shell structure, which is wind- and dust-proof and has the characteristics of rapid construction, short construction period, low construction cost, and construction will not damage the surrounding environment or affect the surrounding environment. Shops around.

The outdoor commercial restaurant tents is easy to install and low-cost, which is very suitable for outdoor restaurants and rooftop restaurants. With festive lighting in the transparent house, an internet celebrity check-in point was born! As an economic model of night travel, it can quickly return to the cost.

The transparent restaurant tent house, no dead spots for shooting, enjoying the scenery and delicious food, dining in a natural and comfortable atmosphere, with lights in the ball, warm sunset oblique light, various lights gradually light up, starry sky twinkling, sitting on the city night view , The romantic feeling reaches its extreme.

The transparent large canopy tent can be built into a private room, providing an independent space for family gatherings or guests who like quietness, and fully enjoy the beautiful dining experience without being disturbed by others. Family dinners, birthday parties, parties, banquets are all great!