Geodesic Dome Tent

The geodesic dome tent adopts a spherical reticulated shell structure. The reticulated shell is a curved space grid structure, which has the characteristics of a grid structure and a thin shell structure. The material of geodome tent is omitted, but the force performance is quite good, and the safety factor is extremely high, and Beautiful appearance and rich change. Once known as "the strongest space, the lightest weight, the most effective design." 
Geodesic dome tents range in diameter from 4-80 meters. custom-made dome tents are usually semi-circular, and also can be customized oval and large hemisphere tents. Geodesic dome tents are used in large exhibitions, celebrations, outdoor events, living homes, Greenhouse and outdoor camp lodges. Its unique and beautiful shape, and its versatile membrane fabric design make this product the first choice for high-end users who admire high quality and show their brand charm. Its advanced structural design makes building faster and more efficient, and it is easy to become an independent semi-permanent building.