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Shipping & Delivery

Shipping Ways

There are many ways to transport tensile membrane steel structures shipping, including marine transportation, railway transportation, air transportation, river transportation, road transportation, and international multimodal transportation combined by various modes of transportation. Several ways commonly used in China are as follows:

1. Marine transportation
In international tensile fabric structures transportation, the most widely used is ocean transport.

2. Railway transportation
In international membrane structures transportation, rail transport is the main transportation mode after marine transportation. The import and export goods for marine transportation are mostly concentrated and dispersed by rail transportation.

3. Air transportation
Air transport is a modern way of transportation. Compared with marine transportation and rail transportation, it has the advantages of fast transportation speed, high cargo quality and no restrictions on ground conditions. Therefore, it is best for transporting urgently needed supplies, fresh goods, precision instruments and valuables.


4. Inlandwater transportation
Inlandwater transportation is an important part of water transportation. It is the link connecting the inland hinterland with the coastal areas and plays an important role in transporting and distributing imported and exported goods.

5. road transport
Road transportation is a modern way of transportation. It can not only directly transport foreign trade goods, but also an important means of collecting and importing goods at stations, ports and airports.

6. Container transportation and international multimodal transport
Container transport is a modern and advanced way of transport for automated cargo transport by means of containers as transport units. It can be applied to marine transport, rail transport and international multimodal transport. International multimodal transport is a comprehensive and coherent mode of transport that is generated and developed on the basis of container transport. It is generally based on the container price, and the traditional single transport modes of sea, land and air are organic. The ground combines to form an internationally coherent transport.


Delivery time

The tensile membrane Steel structure transportation needs to be known according to your geographical location and shipping way.