Project Process

BDiR Inc. offers Complete tensile membrane structures solution - Let us show you how we can get the project from concept to completion.

For each project, we invest the greatest enthusiasm and  best service. From enquiry to communication, design to manufacturing, shipping to installation, Our reply is fast and timely

The most beautiful designs on the market, at the most reasonable prices and the best services.

  • Customer inquiry

    China Customer inquiry supplier
  • Communication requirements

    China Communication requirements supplier
  • Sketch design

    China Sketch design supplier
  • 3D Modeling

    China 3D Modeling supplier
  • Signing contract

    China Signing contract supplier
  • 1 Wind tunnel simulation testing

    China 1 Wind tunnel simulation testing supplier
  • Load Effect Analysis

    China Load Effect Analysis supplier
  • Architectural design

    China Architectural design supplier
  • BIM Design

    China BIM Design supplier
  • 50% Payment

    China 50% Payment supplier
  • Construction process simulation

    China Construction process simulation  supplier
  • Membrane Cutting Analysis

    China Membrane Cutting Analysis supplier
  • Drawings for Manufacturing

    China Drawings for Manufacturing supplier
  • Steel Structure Manufacturing

    China Steel Structure Manufacturing  supplier
  • Mambrane Manufacturing

    China  Mambrane Manufacturing supplier
  • Shipping & Delivery

    China Shipping & Delivery supplier
  • Final Payment

    China Final Payment supplier
  • Structures Packing

    China Structures Packing supplier
  • Membrane Packing

    China Membrane Packing supplier
  • Installation Testing

    China Installation Testing supplier
  • Structure Foundation

    China Structure Foundation supplier
  • Steel Structures Installation

    China Steel Structures Installation supplier
  • Membrane installation

    China  Membrane installation supplier
  • Acceptance

    China Acceptance supplier