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BDiR Inc. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler provider of Tensile Structures. We are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers needs.  We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services for all types of Tensile Structures. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Luxury Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Tent, etc.

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    Excellent durability, Expansive covered area, All weather protection, Natural diffused daylighting.



    Free aesthetical design, Light weight, Easy to install, Low maintenance needs, Eco friendly & Green energy.



    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We are committed to helping customer build perfect project.



    High quality PVC,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE membrane materials. Structures are hot dipped galvanized for a long life.



    Our experts have affluent industry acquaintance and knowledge in fabric tensile structure area.


  • Design Services

    Design Services

    BDiR provide high-end customized design services around the world. We have the experienced team help our clients to build their satisfied project.

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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    BDiR engineering services include engineering of the tension fabric structure, everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and seismic activities.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    We provide cutting, welding, painting and inspection of steel structures. During the fabrication phase, without prestress fabric membrane is cutted and welded to create final panel sizes to be installed in the field.

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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    The construction phase of the tension system is a key factor in the overall success of the project. BDiR provide reliable on site installation service.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your tensile fabric roof structures in shape and for a longer life, tensile roof cleaning and maintenance of building fabric are critical.

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Tension Structure, Glamping Tent, Dome Tent Projects

" The successful construction of the BDiR Inc. hotel room adds a touch of holiday to the camp. Let the guest door enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment and experience the unique luxury accommodation. Thank you BDiR Inc. for your hard work on this project! "

  • Modern High Quality Membrane Construction ,Fabric Building in Kazakhstan

    The Republic of Kazakhstan is a landlocked country located in Central Asia, with an area of 2,724,900 square kilometers, accounting for about 2% of the earth's land surface area, and the territory spans Asia and Europe. The total length of the national border is more than 10,500 kilometers. It is the largest landlocked country in the world. The name of the country comes from its main ethnic Kazakh.The flexibility of the tensile architecture structures is just right for it.

    Fabric structure buildings breaks the traditional architectural structure and has beautiful shapes, elegant nature, art and mechanics. It can give full play to the architect's imagination and create a variety of shapes with rich colors. The membrane structure is known as the 21st century Modern high-tech green building.

    1. Thrifty energy
    The architectural membrane material itself has good light transmittance, and the light transmittance is about 7% ~ 20%. No artificial lighting is required for daytime applications, and it can fully meet the needs of various sports competitions and other activities; the refractive index of the tensile shade structures material to light is above 70% Under the sunlight, soft astigmatism forms in the room, giving a comfortable and dreamlike feeling.

    2. Secure application
    Because of its light weight and good seismic performance comparison; the modern shade structure is a flexible structure that can tolerate large displacements and is not easy to collapse; and the membrane material is generally flame retardant and is not easy to cause fire.

    3. Wide range of applications
    In terms of area, fabric roof structures can be as small as a single tent, a garden piece, or a building covering tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of square meters.
  • Uniquely Designed Luxury Safari Tents, Hotel Tents in Madagascar

    The full name of Madagascar is the Republic of Madagascar, an African island country located in the western part of the Indian Ocean. It faces the African continent across the Strait of Mozambique. The entire island is composed of volcanic rocks. As the number one island in Africa and the fourth largest in the world, Madagascar is rich in tourism resources. Since the 1990s, the government has listed tourism as a key development industry and encouraged foreign investors to invest in tourism.

    If you're tired of the same high-end hotels, or can't stand the normal hotel anymore?You can try wild luxury hotel tents, which have an experience and wild fun that ordinary hotels can't match.

    Luxury glamping tents have become very popular in recent years. Many investors choose hotel tents not only because of their unique shapes, different from ordinary housing buildings, but also because of their structural innovation.

    Canvas bell tent is a new type of matched building with low investment cost and structural safety. Its components can be prefabricated in the factory, so it is easy to transport, quick to build, and does not damage the environment. It can naturally integrate into outdoor nature. Let visitors experience outdoor accommodation like never before. Its elegant and unique appearance is suitable for various terrains, whether it is mountain, woodland, orchard, flat land, etc.

    BDiR Inc. has a professional operation team, which can provide investors with complete solutions and services from camp planning to hotel resort tent interior configuration. We can provide a variety of hotel tent products, including single-top tents, conch-shaped tents, pumpkin-shaped tents, etc. In addition to meeting the needs of outdoor accommodation, they can also be used in leisure, entertainment, catering, public buildings and other areas. Interested, please feel free to come to consult.
  • The Eco Dome Tent Blends in Harmoniously with the Landscape

    The "Geodesic Dome" is an ecological house that can adapt to the climate of the four seasons. Each building is set on the edge of a hillside and blends into the landscape in harmony.

    They can be accessed via a path through the trees from a common parking lot at the entrance. The dome house is set on a wooden patio and houses a platform overlooking the natural setting. The windowed area offers a breathtaking view  and maximizes exposure to natural light.

    The following is the installation of the eco dome house:
    1.The domes is set on a wooden patio which overlooking the natural setting
    2.The woodshed
    3.A black streamlined service area is set in the center
    4.The windows
    5.The bed
    6.The fireplace 
    7.The detailed view
    A true invitation to experience luxury in the mountains, in harmony with nature and its elements.
  • How to Choose the Supporting Facilities of the Luxury Hotel Tent?

    With the development of cultural tourism, the tent hotel is a modular structure product that has been loved by the majority of camp developers. For scenic spots, in addition to providing a large number of accommodation spaces, the architectural style is also enriched.

    Generally speaking, the configuration of a safari hotel tent includes the main support structure, tarpaulin, door and window systems, etc. This is the main structure of a tent hotel. In addition, what other options are available?

    1.Platform structure
     Although the floor system increases the construction cost of the tent hotel in the camp, this can extend the area of the camping hotel tent, and the spacious viewing terrace also improves the comfort of the tent hotel. The platform includes an assembled galvanized steel frame system and a wooden platform system. The steel frame system can be used on flat or sloped surfaces, which can raise the ground to 0.5-1.5 meters above the ground. This not only ensures that the platform is on a horizontal surface. , We can also achieve dry and wet separation of the accommodation floor and outdoor ground.
    2.Sidewall System

    shelter hotel tent can freely divide and use space, and are good at using walls to enrich your space. However, the choice of the wall is also very particular. In addition to the different colors and patterns of the surface, soft and hard are optional, and the hard wall is also available with insulation sandwich materials. It can be used in northern winter to better resist the cold and effectively soundproof. Moisture proof.

    Outdoor tent hotel lighting is very important. In order to live comfortably, avoid high light intensity and not too glare, try to choose warm light soft lighting, in addition to the lighting inside the tent, if there is an outdoor viewing terrace may It also involves wall lamps and floor lamps. Waterproofing should be considered when selecting these outdoor lamps. Based on this, the form of the lamps should be carefully selected according to the style.
    4.Bathroom system

     If your tent is used for accommodation, a good independent bathroom system is definitely a matter of improving the happiness of outdoor living. Nowadays, many independent bathroom systems used in hotels on the market, with reasonable space planning in the early stage, can also be created like star hotels. The comfortable independent bathroom system should be planned according to the actual area of each tent.

    5.Other Accessories
    After the hardware is assembled, it should be assembled softly. For example, comfortable luxury beds and bedding, and cotton-linen curtains with better light-shielding properties can enhance the comfort of the accommodation. Appropriate fresh greens can be used as embellishments in the room, as are air conditioning and heaters. It is a good helper for warm in winter and cool in summer. It is more intimate to provide guests with slippers, umbrellas, and toiletries. Outdoor observation decks can be equipped with leisure facilities such as coffee tables and chairs, leisure rattan chairs, barbecue grills, stargazing telescopes, etc., which can make travelers have a higher sense of participation and integration in outdoor camp life.
    As a tent manufacturer with many years of experience, BDiR Inc., a professional design R & D team and a professional soft design team, can provide customers with one-stop tent hotels including scenic area planning, tent configuration, and soft matching Custom services.
  • Supporting Facilities for Residential Areas with Modern Shade Structures in Gambia

    The Republic of the Gambia is located at 13 ° 28 'north latitude, 16 ° 39' west longitude, western Africa, and west of the Atlantic Ocean. The coastline is 48 kilometers long and covers an area of 10690 square kilometers.

    In terms of the shelter structures itself, in addition to its unique decorative effect, it can be more difficult to meet the requirements of other architectural forms through its rich and convenient form. In addition to some iconic buildings (sculptures, flower beds, fountains, etc.) in a residential area, it must not lack necessary supporting facilities.

    1.Business club
    This is a comprehensive facility with leisure, entertainment, shopping and other facilities for owners who will stay in the community in the future. The space on the top floor is also fully utilized as an outdoor cafe. Similarly, the fabric tension building here will also be combined with lighting facilities, echoing the membrane structure on the roof of the residential building to form a colorful nighttime landscape of the community.
    2. Entrance and exit of underground garage

     At present, most middle-to-high-end residential areas have garages, and the use of membrane structures in the design of the entrance and exit of the garage is a creative idea. Although this medium-membrane structure garage entrance is no longer a new concept abroad, but the domestic membrane structure is still in an emerging stage. A newly designed and cleverly conceived membrane structure garage entrance not only plays the building performance of ordinary building materials, but also adds highlights to the community environment.

    3.parking lot 
     With the acceleration of urban modernization, cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in any city. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry in China, the number of cars owned by cities has increased exponentially, but urban construction planning has not been able to adapt to this development requirement as quickly as possible, and often there is no place for parking. Therefore, the issue of parking lots should be fully considered in the planning of construction groups, and the construction and planning of parking lots as an important part of modern urban construction planning has become increasingly important. Similarly, fabric structures also play an important role in the construction of parking lots.
    People living in modern cities have stepped from the past social behavior for the purpose of earning a living to a new level for the purpose of "music life", and have pursued a spiritually healthy, pleasant and humane cultural environment. The modern built environment is a comprehensive representation of modern cities, modern culture and society, and the lives and concepts of modern people. In terms of showing people's individuality, self-entertainment and diversified environmental spaces, the membrane structures architecture, with its unique architectural form, will surely be used more and more widely in environmental construction.

  • The Features of Camping Dome Tents,Tourist Hotels Resort

    With the urban people's quality of life getting higher and higher, a new way of life is more and more accepted by most people, that is: close to nature at zero distance, so many people put forward the concept of life in hotel tents and tourism landscape. That is to say, living in nature temporarily, so a variety of new tourist hotels, resorts, tree houses, farms.
    1.Energy saving and emission reduction

    Traditional fixed buildings require a large amount of cement and sand with a limited span. Whether they are built or disassembled, a large amount of construction waste is discharged, and the materials required for spherical tents can be recycled. From construction to disassembly, no construction waste is left. Really green. In the future, it can also be moved and disassembled according to the planning needs, without permanently occupying land resources.

    2. Low carbon and environmental protection can be recycled and reused, low cost
    The spherical tent building not only saves materials, but also reduces the labor of a large amount of cement and sand. Compared with the high price of fixed buildings, the budget of fabricated spherical tents is within a reasonable range or even low, and the maintenance cost is low.
    3.Sturdy structure and strong wind resistance

    The spherical tent structure is more sturdy, and the wind resistance can reach level 10.

    4. Short construction period
    The spherical tent has the advantages of simple structure, light material, small amount of engineering, and can be quickly set up on site using customized accessories, thereby shortening the construction period.
    5.Long service life
    Geodesic dome tents can last up to 15 years.
    6, specifications can be customized according to actual needs.
  • A Hotel Tent Can Lets You Release Stress, Have You Tried It?

    Put aside the shackles of work in the city, set aside the troubles of life in the city, and take you into the windy and sunny summer.
    The hotel tents we used to call are relatively popular nowadays, and their foreign definitions have long been wild luxury. In popular terms, they are superior in atmosphere and have significant advantages.

    The advantages of tents resort have been explained one by one in the past, and will not be explained here. If you want to know about it, you can search for  ‘BDiR Inc.’. After reading it, you can compare it with an ordinary tent, and you can see that it is actually incomparable.

    when you walk in, you will be struck by the exquisite interior design. The tent room with The large, comfortable bed and the wicker closet in the corner of the room. The doors at the back of the room are located on either side of the bed, leading to some of Bagan's largest bathrooms, which have double sinks and a central bathroom with separate toilets and showers at each end.

    BDiR Inc. Design, manufacture, installation, maintenance Luxury safari tent resort, glamping tents, eco-lodges and resort tents at very reasonable prices. We ship canvas tents worldwide for all purposes. No matter where your tent, hotel, resort or camp will be located - be it on water, rocks, desert, sand, a grassy plain, tropical beach, ice field or in dense rainforest - we will ensure it is built to last. 
  • How is the Membrane Architecture Increase Stability in Philippines?

    The Republic of the Philippines is located in the Western Pacific. It is a multi-ethnic archipelago country in Southeast Asia, with an area of 297,700 square kilometers and a population of 110 million.
    How to strengthen membrane structure building? In daily life, the canopy construction we use the most is even a parking shed. In some areas, wind and rain are frequent. At this time, we need to strengthen the membrane structure parking shed according to actual needs. 

    The main structure of most tensile roof structures parking sheds is a metal keel and a membrane top structure. The metal keel is connected with a metal bracket and the ground plane. The area of the ground plane is the key to the stability of the membrane structure parking shed. We can usually add stainless steel columns The method to increase the firmness of the parking shed is as follows: Add a foundation of 15-20 cm near the original metal pillar 5-10 cm, install a stainless steel pipe with a diameter of not less than 5CM, and the keel support on the top of the shed Welding is the most effective way to strengthen it.

    We can also reduce the resistance to wind and rain by changing the membrane material with higher toughness and smoothness, and increase the tension of the fabric shelters in disguise to increase the firmness.
    We also have a little trick to increase the firmness of the membrane structure parking shed, because the reason for the formation of the membrane structure parking shed is that the roof is spread out according to the tension of the membrane material, so we can connect the roof with stainless steel pipes. This can effectively resist the attack of wind and rain.
    The above is the answer to how to strengthen the membrane structure building.
  • Large Transparent 10m Dome Tents for Commercial Activities

    Since the appearance of the spherical tent, it has always been on the popularity list with its unique shape and fashionable simple style. The 10-meter spherical tent is used by more and more people for various types of commercial activities due to its small and convenient characteristics. Projects such as commercial exhibitions, event parties, brand promotion, etc. can find the figure of the transparent spherical tent. Organizers bring unexpected business benefits.

    When considering the design of the transparent geodesic dome tent, it is more important to consider its safety. To this end, the BDiR Inc. tent uses a triangular grid design for the transparent 10-meter spherical tent frame, which is strengthened and fixed at each interface to make it more stable. In addition, each transparent ball tent will be tested for many times to ensure that there will be no errors when setting up the site, so that customers can worry more.

    At the same time, BDiR Inc. can provide customers with customized services for project domes, and the effects presented by each design are also completely different, realizing customers' individual needs. For example, a 10-meter spherical tent not only makes the interior of the tent more spacious and bright, but also allows everyone to see the internal situation even when they are not in the tent, which becomes a focal point virtually. When the light is too strong, the transparent spherical tent can adopt a translucent design to increase the area of conventional PVC tarpaulin. When it is blocked from sunlight, it still has a semi-transparent place, which solves the lighting problem and can be painted on opaque places Various types of patterns and logos bring better publicity and promotion to the event.

    Of course, no matter what kind of design, the quality of the transparent spherical tent is always the same. It has the good performance of wind resistance, water resistance, fire resistance and UV resistance, as well as quick assembly and disassembly, convenient storage and transportation, etc. 

  • The Most Commonly used Membrane Material in Fabric Tensile Structures

    1.PTFE membrane material
    PTFE membrane material refers to a composite material formed by coating PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) resin on a base cloth woven with ultra-fine glass fibers.
    Its characteristics are: high strength, good durability, fire and flame retardant, good self-cleaning, and not affected by ultraviolet light, the service life is more than 20 years; it has high light transmittance, light transmittance is 13%, and transparent The light passing through the membrane material is naturally diffuse and does not produce shadows or glare. The reflectivity of solar energy is 73%, so it absorbs less heat. Even in the case of sun exposure in summer, the interior of the building will not be affected. Too much impact.

    At present, the development and application of this kind of membrane material are relatively mature abroad, and there are many manufacturers, such as Germany Mehler Company, Verseidag Company, Japan Taiyoko-gyo Company, Zhongxing Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., United States Chemfab Company, Saudi Arabia ObeiKan Company and so on.

    2.PVC membrane material
    PVC membrane material is a composite material formed by coating PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin on the base fabric woven with polyester fiber. The strength and fire resistance of PVC film material have a certain gap compared with PTFE. The service life is generally 7 to 15 year.

    In order to solve the self-cleaning problem of PVC membrane materials, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is usually applied on the PVC coating to form PVDF membrane materials.

    3.ETFE architectural membrane
    ETFE architectural membrane is made directly from ETFE (ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer) raw material. ETFE not only has excellent impact resistance, electrical properties, thermal stability and chemical resistance, but also has high mechanical strength and good processability.

    In recent years, the application of ETFE membrane materials can replace other products in many aspects and show strong advantages and market prospects. This membrane material has particularly good light transmission. It is called "soft glass" and is light in weight. %; Good toughness, high tensile strength, not easy to tear, ductility greater than 400%; strong weather resistance and chemical resistance, melting temperature up to 200 ° C; can effectively use natural light and save energy; good acoustic performance .The self-cleaning function makes the surface difficult to be stained, and the small amount of dirt can be taken away by the rain. The cleaning cycle is about 5 years.

    In addition, ETFE membrane can be pre-made into thin membrane bubbles, which is convenient for construction and maintenance.

    ETFE also has shortcomings, such as the external environment is easy to damage materials and cause air leakage, high maintenance costs, but with the construction of large stadiums, tourist venues, waiting halls, etc., ETFE highlights its own advantages.At present, there are very few companies producing such membranes. Only a few companies, such as ASAHIGLASS (AGC), Asahi Glass, and Cowell, Germany, can provide ETFE membranes. The research and development and application of this membrane are not more than ten Years of history.

    If you want to learn more about membrane structure engineering, welcome to BDiR Inc.