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BDiR Inc. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler provider of Tent Structures. We are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers needs.  We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services for all types of Tent Structures. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Luxury Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Tent, etc.

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    Excellent durability, Expansive covered area, All weather protection, Natural diffused daylighting.



    Free aesthetical design, Light weight, Easy to install, Low maintenance needs, Eco friendly & Green energy.



    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We are committed to helping customer build perfect project.



    High quality PVC,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE membrane materials. Structures are hot dipped galvanized for a long life.



    Our experts have affluent industry acquaintance and knowledge in fabric tensile structure area.


  • Design Services

    Design Services

    BDiR provide high-end customized design services around the world. We have the experienced team help our clients to build their satisfied project.

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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    BDiR engineering services include engineering of the tension fabric structure, everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and seismic activities.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    We provide cutting, welding, painting and inspection of steel structures. During the fabrication phase, without prestress fabric membrane is cutted and welded to create final panel sizes to be installed in the field.

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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    The construction phase of the tension system is a key factor in the overall success of the project. BDiR provide reliable on site installation service.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your tensile fabric roof structures in shape and for a longer life, tensile roof cleaning and maintenance of building fabric are critical.

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Tension Structure, Glamping Tent, Dome Tent Projects

" The successful construction of the BDiR Inc. hotel room adds a touch of holiday to the camp. Let the guest door enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment and experience the unique luxury accommodation. Thank you BDiR Inc. for your hard work on this project! "

  • Camping Tourism, Luxury Tent Hotels have become Popular

    The world has never lacked natural beauty and luxury hotels. When the two are combined, what will happen?Let us walk into nature today, interact with mountains, rivers and forests, and explore the luxurious beauty of nature. Let's take a look at the famous tent hotel~


    Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp

    The Kirawira Luxury Tented Camp in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park is located on a mountainside, next to the Grumidi River, overlooking the endless East African savannah. It is a good place to watch and photograph animals. The tent is built from logs and topped with thatch. The hotel is full of retro wooden furniture and accessories, restoring the local style. Here you can watch the annual wild antelope migration up close and complete a wild trip.


    Kang Teng Gladan Tented Camp

    Kang Teng Geladan Tented Camp is located in Laojun Mountain National Park, Yulong County, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province, on the Geladan grassland at an altitude of 3,600 meters. It is China's first high-altitude high-end tent camp. At night here, you can see the super beautiful starry sky. Summer and autumn are the best stargazing seasons in Gradan. The stars are shining, as if you can reach the stars by reaching out.


    Sichuan Ganzi-Yanzigou Bubble Hotel

    The Bubble Hotel is located in Tianyaoshuiping in the Yanzigou Scenic Area, Sichuan. The Bubble Hotel introduces a fully transparent romantic experience bubble hotel designed by a French designer. The hotel can fully view the surrounding beautiful scenery 360°, and is a completely outdoor tent hotel. Here, during the day you can see endless glaciers and the redstone valley that stretches for 40 kilometers, which is the most distinctive landscape of Yanzigou. You can also see the big snow peaks in the scenic area. At night, you can lie on a soft bed and watch the splendid night sky on the plateau.


  • Luxury Nature Accommodation in Eco Friendly Glamping Dome

    New Zealand is a veritable paradise. A new holiday experience was born, which is a tent "bubble" experience-Te Tuhi Dome. This gorgeous garden igloo geodesic dome-with beds, wood burning fireplaces and glass windows. Equipped with a fully equipped kitchen, you can prepare your own meals until you are satisfied.

    Te Tuhi is located on the hillside of a large farm, about a 15-minute drive from Taupo. The eco friendly prefab home kits is surrounded by lush native bushes, and of course the beautiful lake, as well as nearby farm animals: horses, cows, sheep.

    Here, you can enjoy farmland, native bushes, and views of Lake Taupo. Lying on a comfortable sustainable housing, you can enjoy the 100% pure natural scenery.

    Living in a geodesic dome roofing, you can see the blue sky and white clouds, sunrise and sunset! During the day, you can overlook the rolling green hills and Lake Taupo, and at night, you can look up at the night sky shining with stars.

  • Living in a Transparent Dome Tent Hotel, Will You be Afraid of Insecurity?

    The so-called transparency geodesic dome tent, many residents will worry about whether it will become insecure, any privacy will be exposed, whether the occupancy situation will become unsatisfactory, and the appearance of the transparent spherical tent hotel is romantic. In the actual check-in, the main safety is still raised to a high point, and it also allows the residents to enjoy a 360° panoramic view during the check-in, which realizes the comfortable feeling of enjoying the scenery outside without blind spots, and also reflects the romance without losing An elegant  and  luxury transparent dome tent hotel.

    Therefore, this kind of glamping dome tent hotel in a wild luxury place is not a downtown area, but a quiet place, and its safety is very guaranteed. Can enjoy multiple forms of experience and multiple forms of habitat. During the day, residents can rest, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the sun in the tent hotel. Look at the blue sky and white clouds. At night, you can lie down in a tent hotel and watch the stars, and you will feel more romantic when you see the stars in the sky. In addition, the transparent spherical 360° and the scenery at a distant point can be enjoyed.

    If we can put safety on the quality and construction technology of transparent dome tent hotels, it is worth your peace of mind to ensure that our BDIR tent hotel manufacturer, especially we use galvanized steel pipe combined with 850 gsm waterproof coating PVC tarpaulin. It can help to resist various disasters, such as anti-ultraviolet, anti-snow load, wind-proof, rain-proof, anti-aging features, stable and safe performance. No matter in any climate, it can guarantee to provide residents with a comfortable and safe rest experience. Well, the transparent dome tent hotel has always been a very popular camping accommodation today.

  • What Is The Charm Of The Geodesic Dome Tents

    Geodesic dome tents with unique and novel shape is a hot and popular product for camp luxury hotels, RV camp and scenic lodge.

    Conventional dome tents are assembled from galvanized steel pipe steel structure frame, which could also get finishing treatment such as stoving varnish for anti-corrosion. The steel frame structure is designed by professional architectural structural engineers. Most of the case, the diameter of the tent ranges from 4 meters to 50 meters.

    The tent is assembled by a series of triangle-supported supports in accordance with mechanical load bearing, which is convenient and firm. For the fabric material, it is the PVC material which could face the out door harsh condition of wind, frost, rain and snow. Its life span normally would be 5-8 in the wild. In good climatic conditions, the life of fabric material can even exceed 10 years. The interior of the tent can be insulated with aluminum foil and leather for both insulation and decoration. 

    The glamping dome tent is more affordable. A 6m dome with a working area of 28 square meters, even with intelligent electric glass Windows and electric stargazing skylights, it is undoubtedly more cost-effective and is the most attractive to investors compared with other products. Besides hotel accommodation, dome house can also be used as specialty restaurants, music hotels, movie screens, and even business exhibitions. Its easy installation and disassembly features and unique modeling style make it able to send out its unique charm wherever it is used, thus attracting people's attention.

  • Romance under the Stars Hotel Tents in the off-road Camp

    Galloping in the sand during the day, listening to the roar of the motor. Watch the splendid starry sky at night, enjoy the moon and chat with you.

    There is a place in the 2020 15th Off-Road E-Clan Alashan Heroes Meeting, where you can feel the quiet and profound romance. Looking up at the starry sky, covering the sky with the earth as a shelter, poetry and the distance seem to be within reach .

    The professional tent hotel  gives the cross-country people who stay overnight in the desert one more choice. It meets the needs of consumers to get close to nature and pursue uniqueness and novelty. It is comfortable and retains the characteristics of camping.

    Away from the city, with a bright moon in the sky, dynamic music is faintly heard from the stage in the distance, family and friends are in front of you, and you are in the endless desert. This may be the most "wild" romance under the Alxa starry sky.

    Such happy hours will become your good memories, and these are brought by the lexury family safari tent.

  • Winter is Approaching, How to Solve the Heat Insulation Measures for Dome Roof Construction?

    As a wild garden room, it has been used outdoors for a long time. Even in a variety of different environments, it is subject to wind and rain all year round, and in the four seasons of the year, it will face high or low temperature severe weather, but the geodesic dome home needs to be able to resist various influencing factors. However, if you want to create a safe and comfortable accommodation experience, the operator must not ignore various issues, such as the indoor temperature problem. How to solve the heat insulation measures of the tent hotel?

    1. The temperature control equipment should be installed well, mainly to install air-conditioning, windows, exhaust fans and other equipment in the dome shaped structure. Because this is the key to do well, it can better solve the problem that the indoor temperature can reach a more comfortable state for customers, which can improve the comfort of the eco resort accommodation multiple times.

    2. As a wild shelter pod tent, the key is to focus on the wild, and it is also closely related to the natural environment forest scenic spot and various green areas. In such an environment, although the inclement weather is irresistible, there are convenient solutions to prevent heat and heat insulation. Make good use of the advantages of the natural environment to satisfy the thermal insulation effect of the tent hotel.

    3. The important point is that the main material of the tiny eco homes is to use PVC scraping coated synthetic fiber cloth as the main material of the dome architecture, and the membrane material will be used as the roof of the tent hotel to effectively prevent wind, Waterproof, anti-snow disaster, etc. In addition, high-performance materials such as heat-absorbing cotton can be added to maintain the stability and comfort of indoor temperature.

  • Camping and Tourism, "Wild Luxury" Tent Hotels have Become a Popular Trend

    The world never lacks natural beauty,
    There is no shortage of luxury hotels,
    When the two are combined,
    What kind of sparks will collide?

    Combining "wildness" and "luxury",
    It can be said to be a return to nature,
    Have a quality attitude towards life.

    In recent years, "wild luxury Glamping tent hotels" have taken the world by storm.
    It is people's ultimate yearning for returning to the basics,
    Let us walk into nature today,
    Interact with mountains, rivers and forests,
    Explore the luxurious beauty of nature.

    Today let us introduce the Goedestic dome tent house.

    Geodesic Dome Glamping Tent,
    Its greatest charm lies in:
    You can have a close contact with nature while enjoying comfort,
    Create an ecological, low-carbon, exquisite and stylish outdoor tent hotel,
    Bring a fresh hotel experience to sojourners.

    The campsite is surrounded by large green grassland, surrounded by mountains, and the air is fresh. The front side adopts a semi-curved transparent design, which shows the overall beauty to the fullest, creating an excellent experience in nature for everyone. Looking around, Surrounded by lush green plants and blue sky and white clouds, it gives people a comfortable and lazy vacation experience.

  • Weishui Auto-camping Ground, Special Experience Of Glamping Tents

    If you have experienced all the embarrassments of outdoor camping, such as lack of water, inconvenient access to the toilet, as well as facing the bad weather, then you should have imagined what an ideal camping site looks like.

    There are mountains and waters, fairy tale tree houses, geodesic dome tents, and RV tents equipped with beds, TVs, toilets and other facilities. You can barbecue in the jungle or play ball as you like. Located in zongzi City, Hubei province, the camping base is the country's first five-star car self-driving sports camp. There are large lawns and car camps, which can provide basic fundamental functions such as water, electricity, and gas supply for the RV.

    Among them, the geodesic dome star-gazing tent is made of PVC fabrics, having standard hotel facilities such as beds, TVs, and toilets. The most special thing is that the tent has a transparent area of one-third, allowing people to lie on the bed and watch the stars.

    There is a RV hotel here. The cabin of the RV is the hotel room. There is a firefly breeding pool nearby, there is a wild luxury tents built on the lake, and there is a tent "self-driving treasure" specially designed for non-RV self-driving tourists. Just drive into a tent, you can enjoy the same facilities as an RV. The camp area is equipped with a tourist service center and living facilities. In addition to experiencing glamping tents, barbecues, a variety of outdoor projects, there are also rural scenery with beautiful landscapes and flowers, and jungle adventure projects.

  • The Geodesic Dome Tent is A Novel Outdoor Experience

    The geodesic dome tent is a novel outdoor experience. You can watch the starry sky and starry sky at night. Although you are in the countryside and grassland, you can also enjoy the treatment of 5 million stars. The glamping tent house is made of galvanized iron pipe/or steel pipe, and high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The tarpaulin is made of PVC film. The spherical tent has reliable wind, rain, and flame retardant properties.

    The interior of the glamping tent can be equipped with comfortable furniture and can be freely decorated, such as lining, lighting, TV, sofa, bathroom system, bed, and it can be said that the sparrow is small and complete, so the spherical tent can easily create a rich and creative outdoor space. Living in the starry sky hotel tent, in the starry sky wilderness and nature, quietly listening to the sounds of nature, feeling the peaceful life, the spherical tent hotel can get better performance.

    The camping tent has a strong development trend in combination with the development of tourist attractions. Perhaps modern people are tired of the pressure of city life and work on weekdays, and the wild luxury life is gradually pursued by the public; and the birth of the starry sky tent hotel is to make The experiencer re-searches for a new peaceful lifestyle and retrieves the truest self.

  • Leisure and Holiday under the Original Ecological Building-Luxury Model Tents

    Eco lodge hotel, with the theme of wild residence and luxury residence, with the wild natural environment as the background and ecological architecture as the exterior; jungle lodges luxury is mainly reflected in the decoration of the interior space of the hotel, combined with first-class service quality. The luxurious "tents" or "huts" built in the most primitive and wildest places and integrated with the environment can meet the dual needs of high-end consumers for nature and luxury.

    The appearance of the resort tent is often innocent and simple, coexisting in harmony with the surrounding environment. The design of the hotel is eco-friendly, as low-carbon and environmentally friendly as possible without destroying the local ecological environment. Maximize the use of "original" and "local" things, use local building materials, local construction techniques, and display local daily necessities, and even some hotels are reprocessed on the basis of local buildings. In this way, the architecture and decoration of the wild luxury hotel have very typical regional characteristics, which are integrated with the surrounding environment, and the abundant and convenient building materials can also save costs.

    For the luxury canopy tents, it should rely on carefully selected surrounding environment and unique interior design to create an experience worthy of guests' recollection. In order to fit the local culture and environment, the overall style is based on simplicity and elegance. From the exterior decoration materials to the interior decoration, the local wood, stone, bamboo, and tile are selectively used, while retaining the ancient architectural form of the original building. Make it without losing its original flavor.

    The main functional areas of the luxury african accommodation generally include guest room area, dining area, public activity area, conference and exhibition area, fitness and entertainment area, and administrative logistics area. These areas must be clearly divided and organically connected. Among them, in the overall design of the guest room area, the guest room should face the best view. Generally, the guest room has a balcony and a beach chair or a cradle chair for guests to enjoy the scenery. The planning and layout of the dining area should be based on market conditions and determine the ideal equipment and design style. In addition to the restaurant, there should be some outdoor lounges, such as breakfast terraces, barbecues and other casual dining.

    In addition, a large open space or a large area of ​​transparent walls can be set up to realize the integration and interaction between the internal recreational space and the external natural landscape, so that guests can see the beauty of the outside.

    Wild cabin tents is no longer just a place for accommodation, it is to provide guests with a rich and high-quality holiday experience as the direction. As the carrier of this holiday experience, the design of the wild hotel building naturally has its unique requirements.