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A Complete Turn-key Solution for Tensile Fabric Structures

BDiR Inc. was established in 2008, located in Shenzhen, China. As the leading manufacturer, supplier, trader and wholesaler provider of Tensile Structures. We are engaged in offering a complete turn-key solution for all our customers needs.  We offer design, installation, fabrication and maintenance services for all types of Tensile Structures. Our product range includes: Tensile Structure, Shade Structure, Fabric Structure, Luxury Glamping Tent, Geodesic Dome Tent, etc.

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    Excellent durability, Expansive covered area, All weather protection, Natural diffused daylighting.



    Free aesthetical design, Light weight, Easy to install, Low maintenance needs, Eco friendly & Green energy.



    Your satisfaction is our guarantee. We are committed to helping customer build perfect project.



    High quality PVC,PVDF,PTFE,ETFE membrane materials. Structures are hot dipped galvanized for a long life.



    Our experts have affluent industry acquaintance and knowledge in fabric tensile structure area.


  • Design Services

    Design Services

    BDiR provide high-end customized design services around the world. We have the experienced team help our clients to build their satisfied project.

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  • Engineering Services

    Engineering Services

    BDiR engineering services include engineering of the tension fabric structure, everything required to certify our tensile structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and seismic activities.

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  • Manufacturing Services

    Manufacturing Services

    We provide cutting, welding, painting and inspection of steel structures. During the fabrication phase, without prestress fabric membrane is cutted and welded to create final panel sizes to be installed in the field.

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  • Installation Services

    Installation Services

    The construction phase of the tension system is a key factor in the overall success of the project. BDiR provide reliable on site installation service.

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  • Maintenance Services

    Maintenance Services

    To keep your tensile fabric roof structures in shape and for a longer life, tensile roof cleaning and maintenance of building fabric are critical.

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Tension Structure, Glamping Tent, Dome Tent Projects

" The successful construction of the BDiR Inc. hotel room adds a touch of holiday to the camp. Let the guest door enjoy the beautiful outdoor environment and experience the unique luxury accommodation. Thank you BDiR Inc. for your hard work on this project! "

  • Membrane Shade Carports Plays an Important Role in Parking lots

    The parking lot membrane shade structure has become an important part of modern urban planning, and it has become more and more important. The lightwight and chic shape of the membrane canopy plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot and the waiting room. In addition to meeting the basic functions of weatherproofing and sun protection, it has a good logo attracting effect and shows people's individualized side. 

    Membrane structure carport role: sunshade, rain, UV, practical, beautiful.

    Membrane structure carports: community, school, commercial, gymnasium, factory, government agencies, etc.

    Optional materials for membrane structure carport: steel, steel cable, PVC/PVDF/PTFE fabric material, etc.

    The structural form of the membrane structure: a plurality of high-strength fabric materials and reinforcing members (steel frame, steel column or steel cable) are subjected to a certain pre-tensioning force in a certain manner to form a certain spatial shape as a covering structure, and A form of spatial structure that can withstand a certain external load.

    Membrane structure service life and characteristics: The tarpaulin material of the membrane structure carport is a membrane structure, and the biggest characteristic of the membrane material is high strength, good durability, fire retardance, self-cleaning property, no UV influence, long service life. Generally 15-30 years. It has high light transmittance, light transmittance of 13%, reflectivity of thermal energy of 73%, and little heat absorption. It is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making membrane material that the membrane structure carport becomes a modern permanent building.

    Market prospects for membrane structure parking sheds: With the acceleration of urban modernization, automobiles have become an indispensable means of transportation for any city. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry , the city's car ownership has doubled, but the urban construction plan has not been able to adapt to this development as soon as possible, often without parking. Therefore, in the construction group planning, the problem of parking lots should be fully considered. It is becoming more and more important to regard the construction and planning of parking lots as an important part of modern urban construction planning.

  • Eco Luxury Tent- in Bali

    Tent between the forest, rice fields and rivers, the fascinating history of Bali's depression is brought into reality, bringing you a hidden and mysterious luxury resort. Traditional wood carvings, exquisite four-poster beds, colorfully-coloured retro furniture, decorative paintings depicting Balinese gods and life scenes are all beautiful and exotic. The interior is inspired by the 19th century European explorers' obsession with East Asian culture.
    Here you can feel the cool outdoor living area and see the beautiful forest landscape, combined with a salt water massage pool, a soft and comfortable big bed, a quiet air conditioning system, a full set of Aesop toiletries, and a warm floor... let You can enjoy the modern leisure life while you are close to nature.

    What is the tent material for the hotel?
    1. Frame - high strength steel: Q235 steel, high strength, anti-earthquake and typhoon, corrosion resistance and cracking deformation.
    2. Wall-Ecological Wallboard: Light weight, 60% energy saving than concrete wall, American Class A fireproof standard, soundproofing and moisture proof, strong load bearing capacity and high seismic performance, all of which are environmentally friendly building materials.
    3. Roof-PVC/PVDF membrane, fire-insulated rock wool board, OSB board, waterproof membrane glass fiber tile, all made of new environmentally friendly materials, in line with international standard fire rating, full-featured moisture-proof and soundproof.
    4. Wall-environmental plastic wood: a combination of solid wood and plastic, with good moisture, acid and alkali, anti-fungal, anti-static, insect and UV resistance.
    5. Floor - PVC ecological floor / solid wood floor. It has the characteristics of strong decoration, quick construction, environmental protection, non-toxic regeneration, comfort, wear resistance, non-slip, fireproof, waterproof, moisture-proof, sound-absorbing and antibacterial.
    6. Form - low-emissivity glass and broken bridge aluminum alloy (plastic) composite window, high-intensity explosion-proof, shockproof and radiation protection, greatly reducing indoor and outdoor heat transfer, achieving high standards of energy saving.
    7. Others - fire insulation cotton, waterproof coating, galvanized sheet, fluorocarbon coating, etc., using green and high standard building materials.

    BDiR Inc. offers a variety of luxury tented villas, luxury tents, eco-lodges and holiday tents at very reasonable prices. We ship canvas tents worldwide for all purposes. No matter where your tent, hotel, resort or camp is located – whether it's in water, rocks, deserts, beaches, plains in the grass, tropical beaches, ice fields or lush rainforests – we'll make sure it's sturdy and durable .
  • Luxury Fabric & Canvas Tent for Ecotourism, Health Resort, Advanture Campground

    The tent camp originated in South Africa, and it has been passed down to the present because of its natural origin. The design of the wild luxury hotel tent is inspired by the “modern original” travel demand that perfectly blends modern civilization with the original landscape. Experience the gift of nature while enjoying the stylish style of home.

    The original ecology mentioned here refers to the wildness of the natural features and the beautiful scenery of the world. The modernity referred to is that although it is in the wilderness, it is a comfortable and warm place, perfecting your soul experience. The environment in which the hotel tents are located, the air is naturally excellent. The tents in the evening are more attractive, and the stars are full of stars, calm and warm.

    Eco-friendly and comfortable as the primary standard for all hotel room tents in the field, all facilities are targeted at this. The hotel rooms are simple and warm, fresh and natural but reveal the heart of the hotel designer. The tent hotel is elegant, healthy, casual and natural. The design concept is from famous Australian designers and is highly sought after by consumers in China. The hotel tent is actually a temporary building, which is convenient and quick to make up for the immovability of the main building.

    The hotel tent breaks the pattern of pure linear architectural style because of its design principle of using membrane structure. With its unique beautiful surface shape, the perfect combination of simplicity, brightness, rigidity and softness, strength and beauty presents a refreshing feeling. At the same time, it provides more imagination and creation space for eco-sustainable hotels, camps and resort designers.

    Hotel tent design categories include spherical hotel tents, safari hotel tents, European style fabric tents and more. The Eco hotel tents offer a private space in the open air. Each hotel tent's room is a separate individual, and its hardware facilities are the same as the boutique hotel rooms, they must be equipped with their own independent service facilities.

  • Tension Membrane Structure - in London

    In order to welcome the advent of the new century, people tried to express their congratulations in various ways. Building a building not only attracts attention because of its shape, but also will exist as a landmark building for a long time. Among the many monumental buildings around the world, the Millennium Dome built in the UK is particularly prominent. It is this tension membrane structure that embodies the essence of 20th century architectural technology, and it is certainly appropriate to use it to meet the new century.

    The tension membrane structure breaks the pattern of pure linear architectural style. With its unique and beautiful surface shape, the perfect combination of simplicity, crispness, rigidity and flexibility, strength and beauty presents a refreshing feeling and provides architects with more Big imagination and creation space.

    Advantage of the fabric membrane structure:
    1. Lightweight: The reason why the tension structure is small in weight is that it relies on the prestressed form rather than the material to maintain the stability of the structure. Thus its self-weight is much smaller than the traditional building structure, but it has good stability. Architects can use their light and large span to design and organize structural details to unify their light and stable structural characteristics.

    2, Light transmission: light transmission is one of the most widely recognized characteristics of modern membrane structure. The light transmission of the film can provide the required illumination for the building, which is very important for building energy saving. It is especially important for some commercial buildings that require more light and high brightness. Through the comprehensive utilization of natural lighting and artificial lighting, the transparency of the film can provide a larger aesthetic creation space for architectural design. At night, light transmission transforms the membrane structure into a sculpture of light.

    3. Flexibility: The tensioned membrane structure is not rigid, and it will be deformed under the action of wind load or snow load. The membrane structure is adapted to the external load by deformation, and the radius of curvature of the membrane surface in the direction of the load is reduced during this process until it is more effective against the load.

    4, The sense of sculpture: the unique curved shape of the tension film structure makes it have a strong sense of sculpture. The membrane surface is self-balanced by tension. The balance of the high and low undulations of the negative Gaussian film makes the larger structure appear to float lightly between the heavens and the earth as if it is free from the restraint of gravity. The sculptural texture of both indoors and outdoors is exciting.

    5. Safety: The lightweight tension membrane structure designed according to the existing national codes and guidelines has sufficient safety. The lightweight structure maintains good stability under horizontal loads such as earthquakes.
    Due to the light weight of the lightweight structure, even if accidental collapse occurs, the risk is smaller than that of the traditional building structure. When the membrane structure is torn, if the structural arrangement can ensure that the rigid support members such as the mast and the beam do not collapse, the risk is less.

    6, especially suitable for large span design.

  • Luxury Eco Tent for Outdoor Living Ecology Safari Resort - Uganda

    The Republic of Uganda, referred to as Uganda. It is located in the eastern part of Africa, across the equator, bordering Kenya in the east, Tanzania and Rwanda in the south, Congo (Gold) in the west, and South Sudan in the north, with a total area of 245,500 square kilometers.

    Topography: Most of Uganda is located in the plateau of East Africa, with many lakes, with an average elevation of 1000 to 1200 meters. It is known as the “plateau water town”. 

    Climate characteristics: Although Uganda is located on the equator line, due to the high terrain, rivers and rivers, the lakes are scattered, so the rainfall is abundant, the plants are flourishing, and the seasons are like spring. It was once referred to as the “Pearl of Africa” by Churchill. The annual average temperature is 22.3 °C. The highest temperature in October was 23.55 °C; the lowest temperature in June was 21.4 °C. In most areas, the annual rainfall is between 1000 and 1500 mm. The rainy season is from March to May and from September to November, and the rest is two dry seasons.

    In 2013, Uganda was selected as one of the top ten emerging tourist destinations in sub-Saharan Africa. The number of tourists to the Uganda Animal Sanctuary reached 213,949, a year-on-year increase of 17.5%. This is the largest increase in the number of visitors since the establishment of the Uganda Wildlife Authority for more than 20 years. Among them, the western Elizabethan and the northern Merchase Falls National Park attract the most tourists. A wide variety of wildlife, from vast prairies, swamps, forests to rolling hills. Diverse terrain, harmonious ecological environment and diverse species make Uganda the preferred location for wildlife viewing.

    The materials used in the tent rooms are made of architectural membranes. Their tensile strength, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance can meet the building standards and the durability can reach 50 years. As a safari eco-tourism accommodation, the tent hotel has advantages compared with traditional resorts or wooden house rooms. It is mainly in the three aspects of no geographical restrictions, environmental protection, luxury and comfort, and is very suitable for Uganda's eco-sustainable tourism vacation.

    As the leading glamping tent manufacturer in China, BDiR Inc. has successfully offered safari tent solutions to build luxury camp around the world. Whether the campsite is located along the beach, in the jungle, on highland or safari, the high quality luxury eco tents from BDiR Inc. can also help to build the campsite business.

  • Tensile Structures for Gymnasium

    Tensile structures have large spans, few ridges, outstanding visual functions, rich in colors, practical use of sunshade and rain shelter, quick and simple construction, modern art design, It’s the best architectural form for gymnasium and stadiums. Tensile structures are used as many World Cup stadiums, NBA basketball halls, tennis halls and more sports architectures!

    Gymnasium & Stadium Tensile Structures Advantages: 

    1. Light weight: Tensile structures are only one-thirtieth of the weight of traditional constructions. This also make tensile structures fundamentally overcome the difficulties and encountered when traditional structures are realized on large-span (unsupported) constructions, especially for large stadiums and other constructions that require huge unobstructed visual space. 

    2. Natural light: Membrane fabrics are translucent and guarantee excellent, uniform light. Natural light helps players feel more comfortable, and also avoids electricity cost during the day. Of course we can also install LED light spotlights that allow your courts to be used at night. 
    3. Great Aesthetics: Stadium is generally an iconic construction in the urban area. At night, light illuminates the night sky through membrane of the top cover, create a very dreamy visual function. 
    4. Long lasting nature: The result of highly sophisticated engineering technology, tensile systems comply with stringent construction codes. Depends on the type of membrane and specific project requirements, these superior structures perform well in extreme environments and fluctuating weather conditions. 
  • Benefits of Tensile Membrane Structure in Sewage Plants

    With the popularity of membrane structure construction, the use is gradually increasing, and it has its unique advantages in many fields of various industries. The application of membrane structure in sump capping is relatively representative.

    The most effective way to treat the odorous gas in the sewage pool is to seal and seal the sewage pool, and then exchange air through the air inlet and the air outlet to pump the malodorous gas into the intelligent device for deodorization treatment. The malodorous gas is divergent and easily affects the surrounding environment. Therefore, the sealed collection of malodorous gas is a prerequisite for deodorization treatment. There are many engineering cases in the sewage tank membrane structure. In addition to the deodorization of the sewage tank, the membrane structure environmental protection series is also applicable to the anaerobic tank, sludge concentration tank and biological flocculation tank of the sewage treatment plant.

    Sewage tank membrane structure capping has the following advantages:

    1. Good chemical resistance;
    2. weather resistance, UV resistance and moisture resistance;
    3. with static removal performance;
    4. with easy installation and disassembly, good flame retardant effect;
    5. strong impact resistance;
    6. with insulation and sound insulation
    7. strong and durable;

    8. low price and long service life.

    Sewage tank capping membrane structure material description: generally can be divided into two types of tensioned membrane structure and skeleton-supported membrane structure, they have different structural features, architectural expressions, adapt to different application sites. The steel-supported anti-sling film structure is a new type of structure specially developed for the sewage tank capping. Corrosion-resistant membrane material is selected as the covering material, and the corrosion-resistant environment of the sewage pool is adapted by the form of anti-lifting.

    The steel-supported anti-slinging membrane structure has the characteristics of durability, safety, convenient installation and maintenance, aesthetics and economy. It has more advantages than the traditional ordinary carbon steel skeleton + solar panel and stainless steel skeleton + glass steel plate, in the sewage treatment tank and the biogas pool. Covering the above is worth promoting. Therefore, the best choice for sewage tank capping - steel support anti-sling membrane structure

    Smelly gas pollution in sewage treatment plants has always been the most headache problem for the people involved. However, gas collection in large pools (such as sludge oxidation ditch, concentration tank, and digester) is the most difficult problem. Large span, long life and long life. degree. The ingenious feature of the steel-supported anti-suspended UV membrane structure is the “reverse suspension”, which uses a membrane material with strong corrosion resistance to cover the exhaust gas, and the steel structure suspends the membrane on the outside.

    This not only exerts the corrosion resistance of the membrane, but also fundamentally solves the corrosion problem caused by the contact of the steel structure with the corrosive gas. Therefore, the steel structure can be designed according to the anticorrosion grade of the ordinary building steel structure, with 50 years. The service life of the steel structure is achieved, and the perfect combination of the structural skeleton and the covering material is realized.

    In addition, the steel-supported anti-sling film structure has the following characteristics:

    1. The service life: the membrane part is 10-15 years, and the steel structure part is 50 years;
    2. Suitable for large span pools;
    3. the film itself has good anti-corrosion performance, light weight, the most advantageous for the large-span pool body, diverse shapes, beautiful and novel;
    4. quick installation: steel production and fabric processing are carried out in the factory, the processing quality is guaranteed. The on-site installation time is short, reducing the occupation of the site. In particular, the old pool body renovation project can take the structural overall lifting, and does not affect the equipment operation inside the pool body.
    5. convenient maintenance: due to the requirements of the process, the need to regularly repair and inspection of the equipment, can be resolved by the way of the door and channel on the side fabrci.
  • The Warmth of the Tension Membrane Structure - in Iran

    Most of Iran's domestic and southern coastal regions have a desert climate and a semi-desert climate, characterized by a long dry and hot season, lasting 7 months, with an average annual rainfall of 30-250 mm.
    The tension membrane structure provided me with a cool place and a shelter from the rain. The tension membrane structure is a kind of facility that is usually inconspicuous but needs everywhere and everywhere. It can be said that it is closely related to people's lives. The application range of tension membrane structure is very wide. We can see it in shopping malls, parks, communities, scenic spots, playgrounds and roadsides. They have different shapes and various materials.

    Advantages: The membrane material we often use  is PVC/PVDF. The advantages can be summarized as: anti-ultraviolet, anti-corrosion, good flexibility, light material, plastic art, environmental protection, energy saving, good mechanical properties, fire and earthquake resistance. Self-cleaning ability, easy installation and disassembly. It can be said that it is a very excellent new building material. It is widely used in various awnings, commercial ceilings and landscape sheds. Its service life can reach more than 15 years. It can be said that it has a natural advantage as a awning material.

    Disadvantages: The price of the menbrane is relatively high, and there is basically no resistance to the behavior of human destruction (the sharp object scratches the surface of the film). If the damage is ruled out, it can be said that the film structure has no disadvantages as the material of the tension membrane structure.

    As a new type of building form, the membrane structure has gradually begun to be recognized by more people. It can be used in a wide range of applications, from large stadiums to sunshade sheds to small squares of umbrellas. Moreover, it is beautiful in shape and high in safety. 
  • Geodesic Dome Tent Hotel Meets Nature

    The geodome tent hotel is a new type of temporary building. The tent hotel is a hotel built with aluminum alloy structure and high-quality UV-resistant PVC tarpaulin. It is more time-saving and labor-saving than traditional hotels. The tent hotel has become close to nature. A good accommodation carrier, accommodation in many parks abroad is in the form of a tent hotel. The construction of the tent hotel is less disruptive to nature, and the tent hotel itself is a beautiful landscape. There are no reinforced concrete walls, no noise crowds, and several tents are scattered on the grasslands. In the wild, there is a vast expanse of green, open plain meadow scenery, and the mountains of the rhododendrons and clumps are taking care of each other. The tent hotel has been highly sought after in recent years and has a high degree of integration with nature, making it a new travel experience. At present, urban life is boring, car exhaust noise is seriously polluted, more and more people yearn for nature's life, and getting close to nature has become a trend.

    First, the location of the tent hotel, generally choose to build a tent hotel in the beautiful camp of the scenic spot, which not only increases the characteristics of the scenic spot, but also integrates the interior view of the tent hotel with the scenery of the scenic spot.

    Second, the tent hotel and the surrounding scenery, the theme of the tent will be the theme of the tent hotel, scattered in the forest. The tent hotel can be well integrated with the surrounding rest courtyard, swimming pool and leisure lounge chairs, so that visitors can look up at the stars outside and indoors, and look up and enjoy the scenery!

    Third, the tent hotel indoor configuration, regardless of size, sparrow is small, complete, the classification of large and small beds, and various facilities, home and so on. According to the hotel accommodation needs, standard sanitary, bathing, air conditioning, internet, and electrical appliances are available.

    Fourth, the tent hotel viewing surface, the choice of transparent tarpaulin or glass wall, which can give people a clear feeling, but also can look at the beautiful scenery outside, can be connected to the natural zero. Of course, the more distinctive is the top of the tent hotel. The remote control honeycomb curtain is transparent after opening. The night falls, and the star tent hotel allows you to lie in the bed and count the stars is no longer a dream!

  • Tension Membrane Structure - in The Sewage Treatment Tank

     1.Tension membrane structure is suitable for pools with various spans: due to the light weight of the membrane material (less than 2kg per square), the tensile strength of the membrane is strong, and the membrane structure can be fundamentally Overcome the problem of large spans.
     2. The service life of the membrane is long: the service life of the sewage tank membrane which has been specially treated is 15-20 years, and the surface coating and base fabric of the membrane have been specially treated for anti-corrosion and anti-penetration treatment. Good air tightness.

     3. The service life of the steel structure with the membrane structure of the sewage pool is designed according to 50 years: the steel structure is hanged on the outside, and the fluorocarbon fiber membrane with strong anti-corrosion ability is used to cover the permanent exhaust gas, thus exerting the fluorocarbon fiber membrane. The corrosion resistance has fundamentally solved the corrosive problem caused by the steel structure due to contact with corrosive gas. Therefore, the steel structure is considered in accordance with the corrosion resistance of ordinary building steel structures, and has a service life of 50 years. The performance of the steel structure achieves a perfect combination of the structural skeleton and the material covering film material.

     4. The sealing structure of the sewage tank with cover membrane is good: the membrane used is hot-melt welded, and the cut-off piece installed on site can ensure the sealing property of the shell and ensure the corrosion of the steel structure inside the insulator.
     5, the membrane itself has good anti-corrosion performance, light weight, superiority to the large-span pool body, diverse shapes, beautiful and novel.
     6. The structure of the sewage pool capping membrane can meet the survival needs of the deodorizing biological bacteria, and the heat preservation property is strong. The heat insulating performance of the single-layer membrane is equivalent to that of the brick wall, which can prevent the high temperature in summer and resist the low temperature in winter.
     7. Since the sewage tank capping membrane structure is a closed body and the membrane structure is a smooth curved surface, the wind and carrier coefficient are low, and the wind resistance grade is high, which can be designed according to the resistance of the 12-stage typhoon.
     8. Sewage tank cover film structure is quick to install: steel structure processing and membrane processing are carried out in the factory, the quality of processing is guaranteed, the installation time on site is short, and the occupation of the site is reduced.