• Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives
  • Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives

Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives

     Projects Name  Luxurious fabric membrane tent treatment villas
     Project Area  500 square meters
     Date Completed  May, 2017
     Project's Address  Fesdu Island, North Ari Atoll, Maldives
     Structural Frame Material  Q235 steel tube & pipe, wood deck
     Fabric Roof Material White, 650g/m2 PVC & 1050 g/mPVDF
     Wall Material  Glass wall with curtain 
     Floor Material  wood floor, wood deck
     Door & Window  glass windows and doors with curtain
     Warranty  15 years
     Brand  BDiR
     Delivery Time  Within 45 Days after confirm deposit
Membrane Structures Roof | Tent Cottage | Fabric House – Maldives


A private island and luxury playground, nestled among the white sands, turquoise lagoons and stunning coral reefs.

W Maldives offers luxurious accommodation including beachfront bungalows and water villas. There are many dining options on the island to showcase a variety of cuisines. Relax in the AWAY®Spa or WET® swimming pool or take part in energy training. The eco lounge hotel offers countless activities including water sports, yacht cruises and a secluded private island holiday.



Indulge in the ultimate relaxation of the AWAY® Spa on the water. The luxury treatment villa was designed and built by BDiR Membrane Structure Company, based on its location on the beach and the builders wish to build on the surface of the sea. The luxury camping resorts adopts Q235 steel as the main body and has high strength. The earthquake-resistant and typhoon can resist the typhoon of 10-12 level, preventing seawater corrosion and insects from cracking and deforming. The shelter tent roof is made of ultra-light PVDF and has good waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant properties and B1/M2 fire resistance.

AWAY® Spa has 4 permanent glamping tents with the membrane structure roof. The 66 m2 indoor treatment area is completely private. Visitors can take natural treatments in 4 eco lodge or massage under a membrane-structured umbrella, including facials. Ice tea and a variety of fresh fruit sorbets can be enjoyed on the sundeck. Private yoga classes in the gazebo of the wrap-around sundeck, enjoying the panoramic horizon, including water bathing, outdoor rainforest showers and large sofa beds for sunbathing, relaxation and treatments.


Technical advantages:

How to solve the problem of typhoon and seawater corrosion by setting up a cabin tent spa at sea?

The canvas tent house is made of high-strength aluminum alloy and reinforced carbon steel (hardness up to 15HW, surface anti-corrosion and anti-rust film ≥10μm-15μm) as the main body. Double-layer PVDF waterproof tarpaulin is roofing, which is windproof, rainproof, warm and resistant. Performance advantages such as burning and sound insulation. The maximum resistance to wind 12, more than 15 years of service life.



  • Fabric Membrane technology Specifications:

    Fabric Membrane Material: PVC/PVDF/PTFE/ETFE

    Fabric Tensile Strength:2500-4400N

    Fabric Tear Strength:520-580N

    Thickness: usually 0.18mm-0.82mm

    Lightweight: 900g~1050g per square meter

    Fire rating: DIN4102 B1/SGS M2

    Temperature Resistance:-30 degree Celsius~+70 degree Celsius


    Why choose the Eco Tented Lodges for this sustainable hospitality resort?

    1. Flexible and convenient, ecological and environmentally friendly

    In some terrains where permanent buildings are not easy to build, such as on hillsides, in jungles, in sea beach, in rivers and lakes. Because the hotel tents use modular assembly structure, it can be built easily and quickly in most natural environmentally sensitive areas. During the construction process, the surrounding natural environment is rarely excavated and destroyed, and it can be better integrated into the ecological environment.

    2. Rapid construction, safe and stable

    The hotel tents are made of modular steel-wood frame, which can be safely and stably used in different terrains. The tents can adapt to the temperature range of -30° to 70°, and can withstand 8-10km/h winds in the outdoor environment, carrying rain and snow. The eco lodges roof is made of ultra-light PVC, PVDF, PTFE and other materials, with good waterproof, UV-resistant, tear-resistant properties, as well as B1/M2 fire resistance. Most of the hotel tent Manufactured process is completed at the factory, which can reduce construction time.

    3. Artful, luxurious and comfortable

    The tent hotel uses the membrane structures as the roof. The membrane structures is based on styling and color science. Combining the natural environment, ethnic customs and human geography, according to the architect's creativity, the curve and shape that are difficult to achieve by traditional construction are built. The tent hotel with its beautiful and unique shape is full of fashion charm and blends with nature. The interior of tent is decorated with bedrooms, bathrooms, rest area and other areas. The tent cottages offers luxurious furniture, comfortable flooring, smart lighting and other facilities. You can experience the comfort of a five-star hotel in the wild.

    4. Durable life and low maintenance cost

    The tent lodge is constructed of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel and carbon steel. It is matched with high-strength, fully waterproof PVC or PVDF fabric membrane to ensure product life and reduce maintenance intervals.

Design & Model


       Hotel tent installation 1 -- infrastructure and steel frane construction;

       √.Complete the construction of the hotel tent foundation project, 

       √.Install the main support structure of the roof of the tent house, 

       √.Complete the anti-rust and fire-proof spraying.

    Hotel tent installation 2 -- Installation the Roof of membrane structuretent tent, 

    √. Fabric film unwinding: 

    lay a temporary cushion to protect the membrane from contamination.

    √. Accessories fixation:

    Use the alloy splint to connect the cable to the fabric membrane.

    √.Hoisting in place: 

    Control the rising speed to ensure uniform transmission of the fabric.

    √.Tension forming: 

    It can adjust the prestress of the cable in batches to reach the planned value;
       Hotel tent installation 3 -- Interior Decoration

       √.Exterior wall installation, 

       √.Window and door installation,

       √.Tent interior area division;

    Hotel tent installation 4 -- Furniture installation

    √.Bathroom installation,

    √.Circuit installation;

    √.Furniture installation.



    Jordi Farell, Hotel Construction Director


    " BDiR Inc. designed the stylish and comfortable Luxurious Treatment Villas. They are very satisfied with the way they work during the construction process, the operation specification, the process is tight, the evidence is available, and it takes a lot of time to optimize the construction quality of the entire structure. "