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September 15,2020

BDiR Inc. channel partners are recruiting in globally...

BDiR Inc., as a specialist in fabric structure, established in 2008, develops, designs, manufactures and installs products to provide safe, reliable and lasting fabric architecture solutions worldwide.

With good quality, big manufacturer scale, advanced technology, unique design and professional service team, BDiR Inc. is the ideal partner for entrepreneurship and development. BDiR Inc. always keeps reasonable prices, stable quality, and good brand image on their products, and optimizing design, technology and services, to create great profit space for their partners, so that we make leaps and bounds on our global marketing. Now we are recruiting the channel partners globally if you are…
√. Consultants & Engineer
√. Building Contractors
√. Building Developers
√. Architectural Design
√. Architecture & Planning
√. Architects
√. Construction Company 
√. Urban Planner
√. Hotel & Resort Development
√. Hospitality Designer & Developer
√. Travel & Leisure Agency
√. Event planning

Customized Marketing & Technical Support to Grow Your Business
√. Partners can consult problems about the product design, the technical solutions, marketing skills, management services by the methods of Telephone, Fax, Whatsapp, Skype, Email and door to door services.
√. Provide the data download, Photos, Video, Catalogs, Marketing and Service instruction manual.
√. Support public relations, sns ads and promotional activities undertaken by partners.
√. Provide special support like bid consulting, writing tenders and solution services for partner's major projects

What BDiR Can Do For You?

⇒ Fabric Architecture Services
√. Design - Our engineers and designers will work closely with your team to identify the practical and aesthetic requirements of the task.
√. Engineer - Professional team to satisfy all the design and engineering requirements of your tensile structure project. 
√. Fabricate - We have professional production staff and advanced equipment to explore the most innovative manufacturing techniques.
√. Build - BDiR provides reliable on-site installation services to ensure completed efficiently and safely. The installers are highly trained and very specialized.    

⇒ Geodesic Dome & Glamping Tent Camp/Resort
√. Resort & Camp Planning  
√. Tent Design & Engineering
√. Complete Interior Design
√. Innovative Manufacturing Techniques
√. Professional Installation Technology  


             --- You can be one of our global partners, as long as you...
             √. A legal registration company
             √. Engaged in the related business of building & construction
             √. Have a good cooperation credibility and customer relationship resources
              √. Able to complete the sales mission

  Everything is possible!

  BDiR Inc. keeps growing and creating prosperity together with the partners around the world...

  For more information, welcome to inquiry from our marketing department: [email protected]

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