How to Stretch the Membrane Cloth of the Tensile Car Parking Shed ?

June 29,2020

Membrane structure is also called fabric membrane structure. There is an important link during construction, which is tensile forming. Tension forming of membrane cloth is very critical, and it is also a step we need to strictly implement. So, how should we stretch? Next, let's introduce the specific process.

1. The whole stretching process of the membrane cloth of the tensile car shed is actually to stretch the various cables in place according to the predetermined stress. When stretching, the order and amount of batch tension should be determined, the speed of tension should be controlled, and the value of super-tensile should be determined according to the characteristics of the material. The tensioning process can be to adjust the pre-stress of the cable in batches and stages, and gradually tension to reach the design value; it can also implement synchronous tensioning of the whole. The tension value with control requirements shall be recorded in the construction, and the tension travel record shall be recorded for those without control requirements.

2. When the supporting structure of the tensile parking shed is a rigid boundary, the application of prestressing should be implemented through a special structure. For flexible boundaries, the size of the prestress can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the struts. In the tensile cable membrane structure, the tensile prestress of the membrane material is provided by the cable. It should be noted that the installation of the membrane structure shed cloth should be continuous. When the installation operation cannot be completed continuously in one time, reliable temporary fixing measures should be taken to resist the strong wind that may occur during the construction. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the membrane surface does not accumulate water.

The stretching of the membrane cloth is not random, but has a sequence. If the operation is improper, it will easily damage the product and cannot be used. Textile membrane structure has a strong sense of time and representativeness. It is a multi-disciplinary cross-application project integrating architecture, structural mechanics, fine chemical engineering, material science, and computer technology. It has a high technical content and artistic appeal. Its curved surface Can be arbitrarily changed according to the architect's design needs.

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