Which Membrane Material is Better for PVDF and PTFE?

June 24,2020

There are various architectural forms of tensile membrane structure, and there are of course more than one type of membrane material. At present, PVDF and PTFE membrane materials are relatively common membrane materials. So which of these two membranes is better?

As for which of them is better, we can compare from the following aspects:
1. Color selection: PVDF membrane materials have various colors, and PTFE membrane materials have a single color. If rich colors are considered, choose PVDF membrane materials.
2. Processing difficulty: The inner wire of PTFE membrane material is glass fiber wire, which is relatively brittle. It is easy to be broken during the construction process, and the processing difficulty is high. The processing of PVDF inner filaments with polyester fibers is much easier than the PTFE membrane with inner filaments of glass fiber filaments.

3. Performance requirements: Both PTFE and PVDF fabric membranes structure have good self-cleaning and anti-corrosion properties, but PTFE has better performance, better light transmittance, and relatively higher prices.
4. Transportation: The inner wire of the PTFE membrane is glass wire, which has a minimum bending radius, and is not suitable for folding and transportation. White marks will appear when improperly transported, which affects the appearance. The PVDF membrane is foldable and easy to transport.
5. Flexibility: PVDF membrane material has high flexibility, and it still has a high degree of flexibility when the temperature in the north decreases. The PTFE membrane is easy to break under cold temperatures, and when freezing and thawing occurs, there is a greater risk of damage.

Through the above comparison, it can be seen that PVDF membrane material is superior to PTFE membrane material in many aspects, but the textile membrane structure engineering has various forms of construction. Since there are different membrane materials, then there must be reasons for its existence, so choose which one to choose Kinds of membrane.

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