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Membrane Mounting Process

1. Installation conditions
1) After the completion of all civil works and exterior decoration works, the membrane structure be installed.
2) According to the construction and installation plan, the necessary steel components are installed and safe temporary fixing measures are taken. For the Small-scale engineering, steel components and membranes are hoisted together after assembly.
3) When the membrane fabric is unfolded, it is not allowed to walk on the membrane. If a person must work on the membrane, it is necessary to check that there is no sharp object under the membrane and wear a soft-soled work shoe.

2. Installation preparation:
1) Clean all the sites that need to park the membrane;
2) Lay a clean ground protective membrane after leveling the pre-selected site;
3) installation the accessories.

3. membrane fabric installation
1) Spread the membrane fabric on the floor protection film in the installation direction and install all the accessories.
2) Set up a safe and stable aerial work platform according to the construction and installation plan
3) Lifting the membrane fabric and determining whether to bundle or unfold according to the construction and installation plan. The exact position of the membrane must be determined to ensure a successful lifting.
4) When the membrane fabric is unfolded, a temporary splint should be installed on the membrane. Strictly check the crack at the force of the fabric. It is found that the crack should be repaired in time. The film and cable are pulled in place with the tightener, and the high-altitude connection is completed at the fastest speed.
5) When the membrane fabric is hoisted, the wind should not be greater than four
6) Adjust the joint of the membrane cable appropriately to achieve uniform connection.