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Feasibility Analysis

1. Site Planning: First, a very simple plan that shows the size and layout of the location where you want to build the tensile structures. Shows the distance between existing structures (houses, walls, trees, pillars, etc.) and also measures some diagonals, the important feature height of the pedestal (ground, if it is flat, or floor, etc.).If you can send us some architectural floor plan and Stereogram will be more perfect (images or CAD files).

2. Photos: Some photos show the special areas you think that will help our designers understand the area and any potential issues.

3. Location and orientation: Include your north-facing position in your membrane structure, we can create a shadow pattern for the sail or awning (you can tell us which time of day or year is critical for where you are shading).

4. General conditions: slope, road or ground conditions (eg:  pavement thickness, rocky ground, big storm, etc.)

5. Example: If you see anything on our website that is close to your thoughts, please let us know the reference number or Photos.