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Installation Structures Type

1) Prestressed cable net structure: The support structure is a single layer plane cable net structure, which may be composed of a single cable net structural unit or a plurality of single cable net structures.

2) Spatial profiled steel structure: The spatial profiled steel structure divides the construction process of the complex space steel grid structure into the installation phase and the unloading support phase.

3) Prestressed cable-membrane dome structure: The initial shape is determined by the shape-finding process. The shape of the membrane surface has two types: a minimum curved surface (even stress distribution) and a balanced curved surface (uneven stress distribution).

4) Construction of large cantilever structure: adopting double-machine lifting method for segmental lifting, making temporary supporting frame at the cantilever end of cantilever truss, temporarily fixing the free end of cantilever truss, welding and connecting at high altitude Auxiliary rods.