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Supporting Structure Design

Load effect analysis and design of supporting structure 

1. The visual effects of nodes and connections are related to people's aesthetic perception of space and the expression of social and cultural values. Structural logic and art are equally important in connection and node design, so node and connection design is one of the keys to the overall structural design.The processing of connections and nodes also reflects the designer's understanding of structural logic and material properties.

2. The force analysis of the membrane structure, should consider various load conditions, such as full load, half-span uniform load and different directions of action, etc.. We use profession Finite Element Analysis software to perform simulation analysis of each node and verify its strength. Calculate the displacement, stress, etc. of the structure under the most unfavorable conditions, check whether the strength of the material (including the film and cable) and the deformation of the structure meet the requirements of its use. When designing the structure, the conditions should be integrated to output the best safe, economical and aesthetic results.