BDiR Inc. is a one-stop membrane structure service provider: experienced and professional. BDiR Inc. is a comprehensive membrane structure enterprise integrating tensile film, membrane structure engineering, membrane construction, space membrane, cable membrane design, processing and manufacturing, project installation and maintenance. We offer a full range of services from conceptual design to fabric construction projects.

Design Service

We are very happy to hear your thoughts, wishes and needs. We can turn your ideas, sketches into visual concepts that combine aesthetics and functionality. Our engineers work hand-in-hand with architects and designers to develop design concepts into 3D models for complete visualization of the tensile structures. Ideas based on the membrane structures are being conceived, optimization is added to make the concept in reality, and then the final design shape is well integrated with nature and its surroundings.

Our concept development services help you identify and clarify your project's goals and budget, and provide you with an estimate of the work plan done. The service also addresses any issues that may or should be considered, including field lines and highlands, underground infrastructure, wiring, drainage, installation considerations. We will also review and optimize the feasibility of your design shape.