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Material Selection

Material Selection :

Item ETFE PTFE PVDF EnvironmentalPVC PVC
Application environment High requirement such as air terminal roof,Stadium roof High requirement such as air terminal roof,Stadium roof Common or special requirement sewage lagoon Car Park shade, shade sail, Pool Canopy
Base fabric Ethylene-tetrafluoro-ethylene Glass Firbre PVC PVC PVC
Coating layer NO PTFE PVDF

Self-clean Best Best Good Good Good
Light transmittance 95% 6-15% 5-20% 5-15% 5-20%
Life time 25+ Years 30+ Years 15-25 Years 15-20 Years 5-10 Years
Tensile strength 1000-1500N 4000-9000N 3000-8000N 3000-8000N 3000-5000N
Fireproof B1 A2 B1 B1 B1
Transport Unfolded Unfolded Foldable Foldable Foldable
Process Hard Hard Easy Easy Easy
Installation Air pillow Secound Tension One Time Tension One time tensile One Time Tensile
Price High High Moderate Moderate Cheap

Fabric Colors Selection : white, red, grey, yellow, blue, green, etc.