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Steel Fabrication Process

BDiR Inc. steel structure processing factory area of 3,000 m2, with CNC intersecting line cutting machine, a variety of pipe bending machine beveling machine and with car, milling, planing, drilling and other finishing workshops. The annual steel structure processing capacity is 100,000 tons. It has the third-class construction qualification of steel structure issued by the competent department of construction of the state.

The main processing procedures of steel structure include: feeding→inspection→ cutting →assembly→welding→Shot blasting & Spray painting→ numbering&packaging→ Shipping&Delivery.

1.Materials must have a quality certificate;
2.According to the blank length specification of each rod calculated by the designer, it is sorted and stacked;
3.According to the intersecting size of the steel pipe, the influence of the pipe thickness and the groove, the intersecting line is processed by an automatic cutting machine; 
4.In the welding process, in order to minimize the adverse effects of stress concentration at the joints, the joint welds of the branch pipe and the main pipe shall be continuously welded and smoothly transitioned. If the butt welds appear in the main pipe, the pipe joint shall be grooved to ensure the welding Firm. 
5.The QC inspect the weld ultrasonic inspection. If any unqualified weld is found, it shall be marked and the welder shall be notified in time to rework; 
6.The main truss and the secondary truss are pre-spliced to form a unit group and numbered;
7.Sandblasting and rust-removing the surface of the steel component, brushing the oily anti-rust primer twice, and then applying the topcoat.