Geodesic Dome Tent & Dome Tent Camping & Dome Structure Design

March 29,2022

The geodesic dome tent is more familiar than it is now. Long ago, tents were just simple tents. In everyone’s cognition, tents are shelters on the ground to shield from wind, rain and sunlight and are used for temporary living. And a hotel is simply a hotel, it is just a place for guests to live, and a combination of dome tents will appear later, so what is a dome tent and how will it develop in the future?

What is glamping dome?

Generally speaking, a glamping dome is a temporary, open and customizable building. It is not an ordinary tent, nor a tent that can be folded at will, but a tent that can be disassembled and erected according to people’s favorite themes and materials.

For tourists, people like to have a place to stay while out and about. Because the portable camping tent is just an ordinary tent, the wind and rain resistance is not good, and it is easy to be damaged. A geodesic dome tent is a high-end tent constructed from a variety of materials. It consists of a Q235 frame and PVDF tarpaulin. Regardless of its rain resistance, wind resistance, stretch resistance, cleanliness, etc., it is very strong, so its lifespan is also very long, generally up to 20 years.

An eco-resort dome is a lightweight assembly building that can be moved and disassembled autonomously. They are modularly produced by factories, using steel components, wood and tarpaulins as the main materials; the construction is not restricted by land use and is located in mountainous areas. , Riverside, forest, grassland, and other terrains can be quickly created, which can better form a unique theme style with the local environment, culture, ecology, and other natural and human factors.

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