The Best Way to Install Dome Tents

March 29,2022

The geodesic dome tent is also favored by more and more tourist customers. All kinds of real estate have seen business opportunities, and they have invested in many dome tents in camping tent resorts. Today we will talk about how to install dome tents.

Matters needing attention before glamping dome installation:
1. First ensure that the ground is flat (if the foundation is not flat, the height can be adjusted with the help of the base);
2. Determine the specific location and orientation of the door;
3. Count the number of pipe fittings according to the list of accessories and classify them by name, so as to avoid wasting time in finding corresponding pipes during installation;

4. Prepare the tools to be used in advance (herringbone ladders, wrenches, screws, etc.);
5. Workers should be coordinated in groups, preferably a group of three (one person delivers materials, one person supports the pipe, and one person fixes the screws);
6. Assemble the structural materials of the dome houses, and then fix the glass door (ignore this step if there is no optional glass door)

dome architecture is the perfect solution for holding outdoor events. It has no special requirements for the venue, especially in the more complex outdoor terrain. Banquet tents can solve the problem of building it very well. Designers will also make corresponding design plans according to different environments, and can create customized banquet tents for customers according to their needs and imagination of space.

In order to ensure that guests can enjoy their meals in the tent with confidence, the frame of the banquet tent is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is sturdy and durable.

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