How Do We Choose The Right Glamping Tent Outdoors?

March 03,2022

Weight, space, wind and rain resistance... These are all factors that need to be considered when purchasing a luxury glamping tent. For many donkey friends, especially those who are just beginning to contact the outdoors, they always feel that purchasing a tent is a very troublesome thing. The tent manufacturer will sort out for you from various aspects, hoping to help you choose a satisfactory one.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the purpose of purchasing a camping tent. Is it to take a nap during the outing or to use it for the night? How about the environment used, is it a highly artificial campground or a wild place? Personally, I think that if it is used in sunny beaches and parks, as long as there are not many mosquitoes, the canopy can completely replace the tent, with better ventilation and vision, and you can save some money. Of course, friends who are hiking must choose ultra-light tents. For self-driving tours/family tours, you can choose a more spacious tent without worrying too much about the weight of the tent.

How many accounts?
How many people to buy? This is a question that many people struggle with. Here's the truth: The manufacturer writes that it can sleep x people, but basically can't (comfortably) sleep x people. This is because the manufacturer calculates the tent capacity according to the size of each person lying down, but does not take into account your rollover activities and backpacking equipment. Unless you are willing to sleep next to your friends with your own package under your head and feet, it is generally recommended to buy a size for one person. For example, for the Spurs' three-person tent, it was measured that two medium-sized adults, plus equipment, squeezed in just fine. If it is a family trip and is not sensitive to weight, it is no problem to purchase tents according to the actual number of people increasing by two or three people, the activity space will be more spacious, and the temporary changes in the number of people will be more tolerant.

Two-season, three-season, and four-season tents are the classification of glamping pods made by manufacturers according to the tent's ability to withstand severe weather, wind, rain and snow. The higher the performance, the heavier the weight will be. Two-season tents are suitable for spring and summer, with light weight and weaker wind and rain resistance, suitable for camping needs when the weather is fine and warm. Of course, you can add a tarp in case you need it. The three-season tent is popular because it strikes the right balance between weight and water resistance, and is suitable for spring, summer, and fall in most regions. Its waterproof performance can cope with moderate-intensity rain, or a short period of heavy rainfall. The four-season tent can handle all year-round climates and is one of the more expensive and heavier tents due to the use of durable materials. It is generally dome or narrow tunnel shape to prevent snow from accumulating on the tent. Although it can be used in all seasons, it is not suitable for use in hot weather, because the design tends to keep warm and it will be very hot in summer. In addition to enthusiasts, general enthusiasts will not go out camping in cold weather or heavy rain and snowstorm, and it is not safe to do so, so practicality is king when purchasing tents, and there is no need to pursue performance, this is what we want The best choice to stay in glamping resorts during the holidays.

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