How to Plan Glamping Tent ?Pay Attention to The Key Points of Glamping Pods Planning And Design

February 23,2022

Domestic scenic tourism has also begun to develop rapidly. With the arrival of the era of mass tourism and the rise of all-for-one tourism, personalization, specialization and customization have become the development trend. You can be a famous hotel without a house, RVs, tents, yachts, a camp is a tourist destination. So how to plan luxury tents? Pay attention to these glamping pods planning and design points.

There are three fundamental elements in the planning and design of glamping resorts for each camp: A, safety and stability, solemnity and elegance, and natural resistance to various harsh environments. B, superior combination characteristics, stretching infinite space. C, flexible assembly and disassembly, fast transportation, reliable safety performance, fast and flexible construction for different types of sites.

When tourism enters a grand occasion, various capitals and tourists from all walks of life pour into the scenic spot one after another. When summarizing the reasons for the popularity of tourism, many related factors were summarized, such as: personality release, returning to the countryside, food safety, parent-child interaction, self-cultivation, favorable policies, urban depression, etc. The planning and design of the tent hotel will also be carried out around the factors.

The emphasis on the planning and design of canvas camping tent is that each canvas camping tent faces a unique wild scenery, and is surrounded by the sounds of nature and the quiet environment of the forest all the time. Playing in the water in the crystal clear water pool, and regaining the wild interest of the mountains and forests long forgotten by the urbanites in the desolate beauty, that kind of comfortable, refreshing and vivid feeling.

Different from outdoor camping, the planning and design of eco glamping can make luxury glamping a new trend for rich tourists who want to pursue outdoor fun. In the wildest tent hotels hidden in the jungle or the depths of the desert, you will find that there is neither the constraints of the four walls of traditional luxury suites, but also the treatment equivalent to a five-star hotel. That feeling was amazing.

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