Fabric structure canopy of pedestrian bridge - a beautiful landscape in the city

May 19,2022

With the increase of urban population and traffic flow, in densely populated areas such as schools, hospitals, commercial plazas and residential quarters, there is a large demand for pedestrians to cross the street, which usually conflicts with the normal passage of vehicles and poses potential safety hazards. As a result, overpasses across the street were erected, improving the efficiency of vehicle traffic and ensuring the safety of pedestrians crossing the street.

In people's impressions, the overpasses across the street are steel bridges with guardrails, and the more beautiful ones are the circular overpasses at the crossroads. However, with the rapid development of ETFE, PTFE, PVDF membrane materials and stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, the advantages of membrane structures have been fully utilized in the design and construction of overpasses, making overpasses no longer a cold cross-street building with a traffic function, but also a Landscape bridges and viewing bridges add to the city's temperature and style.

Due to its special shape and the performance of the membrane material itself, the membrane structure can create design ideas that cannot be achieved by traditional building systems.

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