What is the Difference Between a Fabric Tensioned Membrane Structure Carport and a Traditional Carport

June 28,2022

In practical applications, the membrane structure charging pile carport can not only protect the charging pile, but also protect the vehicles under the membrane structure charging pile carport. It not only has a waterproof sunshade structure in the sun and rain and snow.  As a new type of charging pile carport, the membrane structure charging pile carport not only brings a lot of convenience to our travel, but also compared with the traditional carport, it is not only simple in construction, but also very beautiful in appearance, stretching The structural strength of the building materials used in the membrane structure is also very high, which can not only shield the charging piles and vehicles from wind and rain, but also add a beautiful color to the city due to its aesthetics. Membrane structure, also known as fabric structure, is widely used not only in commercial buildings, transportation facilities, sports fields, gymnasiums and other places.

Artistic: membrane structure modeling and color Relying, it can combine natural conditions and ethnic customs, and create curve shapes that are difficult to achieve in traditional buildings according to the architect's creativity. Membrane structure is an architect's romantic vision, enjoying a romantic space like nature.

Economy: The fabric structure has a certain light transmittance, which can reduce the lighting intensity and time during the day, and can save energy well, which also makes the membrane structure a very environmentally friendly building.

Large-span: The tensile structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in the realization of large-span (unsupported) buildings, create a huge unobstructed visual space, and effectively increase the space usable area.

Self-cleaning: Steel building materials use membranes with protective coatings, which can make buildings have a good self-cleaning effect and ensure their service life.
Short construction period: Due to the particularity of the fabric tension structure, their construction period is greatly shortened compared with ordinary buildings, which improves the work efficiency

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