Sunshine Valley & China is First Cable Membrane Structure

June 16,2022

China's first cable membrane structure, Sunshine Valley, is located at the Expo source in the core area of Shanghai World Expo Park. "Aorta".Speaking of the 6 giant "Sunshine Valleys", "it is composed of 13 large masts, dozens of cables and huge membrane fabrics. It is definitely the first cable-membrane structure building in China and rare in the world." 6 "Sunshine Valleys" ”, the largest of which is 97 meters in diameter, and the lower one is 20 meters in diameter, so that the underground pedestrian walkway of the 1000-meter Expo axis borrows natural light. The special structure composed of huge masts and stay cables is natural with the giant white membrane cloth.

The 250-kilometer-long pipeline is warm in winter and cool in summer. The Expo Axis is also an "experimental field" for Shanghai's circular economy. Xu Jun, Executive Manager of the Expo Axis Project, said that a 250-kilometer-long pipeline was laid under the Expo Axis to form a ground source heat pump, which was introduced into Huangpu. river water. In summer, filtered river water is used to form a cooling system, and in winter, a heating system with ground source heat as the main source and Huangpu River water as a supplement is used, so that this huge public channel uses natural resources to achieve warmth in winter and cool in summer.

The basic construction of Sunshine Valley uses square steel pipes instead of round pipes. Several square pipes meet at the same point, which are called "nodes". The mesh shape of the appearance of Sunshine Valley is connected by "nodes" of different sizes. And each Sunshine Valley has about 3,000 "nodes", which can be calculated but cannot be drawn on the drawings. The membrane structure on the top adopts the highest strength membrane material in the world, and its design tension is 5 tons per meter. Since there are no pillars on the Expo axis platform, the membrane material relies on 31 outer masts, 19 inner masts and 817 inner masts. Wire rope to pull, and to pull evenly. At the same time, due to the different sizes and shapes of the Sunshine Valley, the node positions of the cables are also different, which brings about changes in the orientation and angle of the cables, which need to be solved one by one during the construction.

As the largest single building in the "one axis and four halls" permanent buildings in the Expo site, the Expo axis project has been transferred from the main structure construction to the decoration construction stage, and the cables and lamps for landscape lighting have been arranged outside the steel structure of the Sunshine Valley. The Expo Axis and Sunshine Valley at night will be more exciting.

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