What are the Advantages of Tensile Fabric Structures Over Traditional Buildings?

July 05,2022

A tension fabric structure is a building that uses fabric as a structure to support weight. Often called tensile façades, these structures can be used to cover the exterior of buildings, car parks or sports fields. The stretch construction is also great for incorporating brand messages into fabric graphics. Here's a closer look at the benefits of stretch fabric construction.

tension fabric structures uses two basic building blocks: saddle and cone. Both shapes are very versatile and can be used to create structures that suit your requirements. The saddle can be thought of as a twisted grid of rectangles, while the cone is more like a volcano. Two types of fabric tension structures can be stacked to create efficient designs. What's more, the stretch fabric construction can last 45 years!

Frei Otto was an early pioneer of tensile construction. Frei Otto discovered that many natural forms have perfect tension and developed a method to connect them. He later developed a model with soap. The process of developing this architectural model has led to numerous innovations in tensile architecture. In the years that followed, more and more architects and designers began to incorporate tensile structures into their work.

Tensile structures are a good alternative to traditional buildings. As the name suggests, they consist of a metal frame and fabric shell. Compared to traditional buildings, tensile structures use less material and are more environmentally friendly. Steel is an excellent skeleton material and requires less material for the structure than conventional construction. In 2014, a steel framed tensile building was able to withstand 130 mph winds!

The earliest tensile structures were used for portable outer shelters, such as tents, shelters. Since then, they have continued to evolve as different people used different materials, climates and architectural styles. Bedouins and Berbers use black tents, while Moors and Kurds use tent-like structures for shelter. So what are the advantages of tensioned structures over traditional buildings?

The tension fabric structure has a highly reflective surface for better lighting even during the day. This results in a significant reduction in the energy required for lighting and HVAC systems. This means lower utility bills for homeowners. The highly reflective surface of the tensile structure is a great advantage for energy efficient buildings! This makes it perfect for buildings and parks. If you plan to place tensile structures on your property, consider the following benefits:
Tensile structures use less material than tensile fabric buildings, and it can be used to construct entire buildings. It is easier to install and requires fewer internal struts than tension fabric construction. Tension fabric buildings typically use a steel frame as structural support and fabric as a protective layer to keep out the elements. You get all the benefits of tension structures without the high cost of interior construction.

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