Why did shopping mall Dome & Skylight choose fabric structure?

April 27,2022

The main feature of the commercial shopping center is that the concentration of commercial stores forms indoor and outdoor shopping, leisure, dining and other functional spaces. The pedestrian street and the central activity area are open spaces for people to walk, rest and communicate. Based on the characteristics of the commercial street, it is determined The core of all designs is to make the space more human.

As an additional facility of the building, the roof not only requires the practical function of shading and rain protection, but also should be the icing on the cake. At present, there are more and more engineering cases where fabric membrane structures are used in commercial complexes. The roofs built with membrane structures have many advantages that traditional roofs do not have.

Membrane structure buildings are very popular in commercial applications. The detachability and large span of the membrane structure are suitable for building a commercial exhibition area. Now many shopping malls have used the outer top layer of the membrane structure single room, which will be unique compared to the traditional structure.

The emergence of the membrane structure solves various drawbacks of traditional materials. PTFE and ETFE membranes can not only achieve light transmittance, but also lightweight and higher safety. In particular, ETFE membranes can achieve 95%-100% light transmittance, such as It is as transparent as glass, no additional lighting is required during the day, and it greatly saves energy consumption. Therefore, it has been adopted by many architects and has become the first choice for large-scale commercial blocks.

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