Why choose fabric for the façade?

April 25,2022

"Fabric Curtain Wall & facade" is a building facade solution that uses weather-resistant flexible fabric materials, combined with frame systems, to renovate the facades of existing buildings or design the facades of new buildings. This material can make the building with a large volume present a light and transparent visual sense. It is divided into metal fabric curtain wall and flexible material non-metal fabric curtain wall. Its curved surface can be arbitrarily changed according to the architect's design needs, combined with the overall environment, to build an iconic image project.

Application of fabric materials and three major advantages: light dyeing, printing and printing, and arbitrary modeling.

01. Lighting Dyeing - Use light to change the color of the façade arbitrarily, and the fabric façade changes the atmosphere with the indoor light, so that the building is no longer a static face. Plus, the soft fabric achieves a hard metallic feel.

02. Printing and inkjet printing - on the basis of perfect metal texture, you can print any pattern you want. The printability of the mesh film surface provides a creative space for designers to enrich the shape of the building's façade and highlight the landmark image. The spray-painted pattern does not affect the transparency of the line of sight.

03. Arbitrary shape - Membrane material is used as the application project of building facade, which is a project using cable support and special aluminum profile tensioning curtain material. Using the softness and elasticity of materials, the 3-dimensional space develops, and the shape of the building presents a variety of shapes, especially suitable for various curved buildings that are difficult to achieve with other materials.

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