Let Wild Luxury Become a Trend, The Unmissable Luxury Glamping Tent

April 11,2022

"Wild luxury camping" refers to outdoor camping with the perfect combination of mountains and luxury. When it becomes a trend, it is the start of Internet celebrity homestays, with high-quality camping trip experience.Outdoor camping has always been very popular with tourists because outdoor camping has become the five key points of the current era: memory, freedom, comfort, contact with nature, and adventure.With the gradual elimination of various camping tents, a variety of luxury glamping tents have been selected.

The material of glamping tent is PVC or PTFE tarpaulin. It is UV resistant and flame retardant and can resist temperatures from -30 to 70 degrees. It is acid and alkali resistant and can be disassembled and cleaned to ensure a clean and beautiful appearance. strong and sturdy.

Our most commonly used walls are tempered glass, PVC canvas, Sandwich panel and ecological plastic wood wall (double layer). In the corresponding place, we can install aluminum alloy windows
Floor design (we have three options, or customers can buy it themselves.PVC floors tend to make tents seem cheap and easy to have abrasion. Usually our indoor floors have options as: composite floor-SPC stone plastic floor-BPC bamboo fiber floor. You can make the choice among them, or use other flooring that you like , such as solid wood flooring, ceramic tiles, etc.

BDiR Inc. specializes in the production of luxury glamping tents and glamping tents. It is an enterprise that builds characteristic hotels for resorts, scenic spots and tourist areas. With professional design, professional layout, camp planning and other solutions, no site restrictions, long service life, stable construction, and create your own personalized luxury glamping tent.

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