Xinjiang Starry Sky Wild Luxury Glamping Tent

June 08,2021

Today, people's quality of life has been improved, and many people in China like to travel to some Southeast Asian countries. In the tropical rainforest of Bali, there are 22 fairy-tale world-like glamping tent pods. They are the Capella Ubud tent hotel in Bali. These hotel tents are designed by the world's top garden landscape master Bill Bensley.

In the "wild" place, these wild camping tent hotels profoundly restored the pioneering spirit of people who first came to the rainforest at that time. In the past, tents were the only convenient place to live in the wild without accommodation. Now, people restore the wild nature of the tent, but give it a luxurious interior, allowing people to experience the original spirit of adventure while enjoying it.

The current tourism industry is becoming more and more developed, and tourists are not only looking for fun, but also a comfortable accommodation environment. BDiR focuses on the personalized customization and design of eco glamping tent. Whether it is a wild luxury tent suitable for any terrain, a starry tent with a broad view, or a creative theme of worm pupae and shells and other themed tents, it can be customized according to customer needs.

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