Recommended Types of Luxury Camping Tents?

June 07,2021

Which type is suitable for luxury glamping tent?
Camping and accommodation in the wild, the first consideration is the tent, because it is convenient and flexible, can be quickly erected and disassembled, and can be moved, which is favored by "wild explorers". However, not all tents are in poor condition, such as glamping tent.
There is a big difference between luxury glamping tent and traditional camping tents. The eco tent independently developed and produced by BDiR Inc. retains the excellent characteristics of general camping tents, and can be used outdoors for a long time, plus a hotel-like enjoyment experience. Below BDiR Inc. recommends some commonly used types of glamping pods.

The shape of the wild luxury spire glamping tent is full of traditional European style design, stylish and beautiful, and there is no sense of violation in combination with nature, and it is placed in the wild to add a romantic atmosphere. If you need a larger and more spacious space, you can transform it into a double-peak, multi-peak tent, and the spacious interior space can be freely planned for each space.

Geodesic dome tent takes the spherical appearance as the design concept and uses steel as the structure, and is carefully crafted. The installation of the tent is carried out in a splicing manner, which will not cause unnecessary damage to the surrounding environment. At the same time, a translucent tarpaulin design can be used on the outside to create an area with excellent views.

The tarpaulins used in luxury glamping tents are all made of the same material, which can resist wind, rain, flame retardant, and has sun protection functions. Moreover, each glamping tent can be equipped with complete and comfortable living furniture to easily create a field. Luxury Suite. To this end, BDiR Inc. provides private customized services to create suitable outdoor eco tents for customers.

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