China's Wild Luxury Tent Tea Valley Hotel- Anji Xilong Tea Valley Tent Hotel

June 02,2021

China's Wild Luxury Tent Tea Valley Hotel- Anji Xilong Tea Valley Tent Hotel.

Do you all like the feeling of camping? At that time, you could get in touch with nature, look up at the stars in the sky, listen to the sound of cicadas flowing in the stream, and smell the freshest breath of nature, but you want to achieve it. These need the right time and place, and people need to spend money to buy equipment. But don’t worry about it now! We can live in a tent hotel, and many external difficulties can be solved.

Between the mountains and rivers of Anji, there is China's first wild luxury tent hotel-Anji Xilong Tea Valley Resort Hotel, which is surrounded by mountains on three sides and water on the other. It is hidden in the 10,000-acre white tea garden. When you are here, your whole body will be surrounded by the fragrance of tea and the grass and woods of the mountains, as if you have a few unique fairy air. If you board the viewing platform at the highest point of the hotel, you can overlook the entire tea valley and the panoramic view of the tent guests. At that time, you will feel like you are traveling in a fairyland.

Since the hotel is in a tea garden, the element of tea is naturally indispensable. The guests living here can feast for themselves. The hotel will provide you with excellent Anji white tea, and there will be tea masters performing ancient tea art for everyone. We can also learn this ancient Chinese art from the tea masters on site. Of course, you can also go to the tea garden to experience tea picking and tea making. In short, you can experience tea-related things here.


In addition to tea art activities, another ace interactive project here will be a bonfire party at night. The night here is very beautiful, cuddling with someone you love, listening to an unplugged concert under the stars, this wonderful feeling will make you feel that the night has a different romantic color. Babies will not be idle, they can play in the children's playground, and they can also participate in fun activities such as parent-child baking classes and calligraphy classes with their parents.

In such a place where nature and humanity are highly compatible, and the original ecology and soul are so close, spend a quiet weekend without being disturbed.

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