Cleaning And Maintenance Details Of Glamping Tents

March 30,2021

Take the wild luxury tent as example, the life span of its steel frame is generally more than 25 years. And the life of PVDF fabric can be up to 15 years under normal conditions, which can be further prolonged under properly maintained. Generally, PVDF tarpaulin has double-sided coating, which is effectively windproof, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mildew, and has a great self-cleaning ability. The dust and other attachments can be naturally washed by rain to keep the tent smooth and clean. When the eco glamping tents were put on use for some time, depending on the local climate, the tarp need to be dried regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding and protect the waterproof coating of the tarp.

If thermal insulation materials are added to the tent, it need to dry the tarp and thermal insulation cotton before disassembly and storage.If it is too late to dry the tarpaulin and thermal insulation cotton, Remember not to store it for a long time to avoid staining and mildew.

After cleaning, the tarpaulin of the wild glamping tents needs to be placed in a ventilated and cool place to dry naturally. It should not be placed in the hot sun or baked locally at high temperatures, otherwise it will face the degumming or aging problem. For non-professional operators, please dont use chemicals such as acid for cleaning to prevent corrosion and deformation. The tent tarpaulin should be gently rubbed and evenly cleaned, and should not be brushed vigorously to prevent short lines or washing off the pattern decoration on the tent. In daily use, the tent should avoid contact with sharp objects to avoid scratching the tarp.

Tarpaulin printed with patterns or LOGO, after the words are cleaned, toothpaste or white chalk powder can be applied evenly and properly to prevent discoloration after drying. If not, it can also use two sheets of clean white paper to cover it and tear it off after drying to prevent discoloration. The storage and installation of the tent needs to be handled with care to avoid the loss of parts.

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