Would It Be Difficult to Maintain Luxury Tent Hotel?

June 02,2020

Luxury Tent Hotel, the darling of the sustainable structure since its debut, is mostly built in the open air and wild environment. Thanks to its efficient prefabricated construction method, it can be quicker and easier to engineer and assemble compared with traditional buildings. More importantly, the whole manufacturing and installation process causes the lowest impact on the local ecosystem, which makes it the ideal choice of ecotourism and environmental protection.

Some people might ask because the luxury camping tent is placed in the wilderness subjected to severe weather conditions, would it hard to maintain?

Since the tent hotel is supported by a steel structure with specialized design, it can be as strong as a traditional cement house and built to last. If no deliberate damage, you don't bother to worry about maintenance.

The main body of the glamping tent is made of galvanized steel pipe, which can be easily replaced even if there is some damage in some places. More importantly, it has a strong capability of wind resistance.

The Luxury Tent Hotel produced by BDiR is selected high-quality PVC or PVDF as the outer wall, able to resist strong wind, snow, hail, retardant to fire, UV rays, and fuji. What's more, the material's surface is not easy to adhere to dust and be stained and can be washed with the rain.

The tent hotel we manufactured has an expected life span of at least 20 years. Therefore, it is not the main part of the tent hotel that needs to be maintained, but its internal decoration, furniture, and the surrounding environment. So the cost of maintaining the tent hotel is not high.

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