How to Clean the ETFE Textile Membrane Architecture

May 25,2020

How to clean the ETFE membrane fabric covered buildings if it is dirty? Although the ETFE membrane structure itself has a good cleaning function, it will eventually cause dirt accumulation due to the influence of external factors. For most membrane materials, cleaning can not extend the working life, if cleaning is not appropriate, it will also shorten its life. However, from the aspect of aesthetics, regular cleaning of the membrane structure can maintain the aesthetics of the membrane structure. At the same time, special cleaning agents should be used when cleaning.

First, let's take a look at the reasons for the accumulation of dirt in the ETFE membrane tensile roof , as follows:

1. Air pollution.
2. The distance between deciduous trees and sticky pollen trees.
3. Local precipitation and frequency.
4. Feces of birds such as pigeons and seagulls.

5. The coating is inert without dust.

6. The degree of chemical contamination of the membrane fiber before weaving and coating.

The above points are the reasons for the accumulation of dirt in the tensile shade structures, and we try to avoid the formation as much as possible. If dirt really accumulates, we need to clean the tensile construction, but we must pay attention to some things when cleaning to avoid damage to the membrane structure. Specific notes are as follows:

1. Use the cleaning agent specified by the manufacturer and use the corresponding soft brush, sponge and cleaning equipment to clean the membrane surface, and use water to wash away the dust and cleaning agent on the membrane surface.

2. Membrane surface should not be stacked with foreign objects such as iron parts, chemicals or other colored materials for a long time.

3. Let the cleaning agent act for a few minutes, but avoid drying the cleaning area.
4. Large particles of dust should be washed with water.
5. When cleaning the membrane surface, it is not suitable to use acidic or alkaline materials such as gasoline, alcohol, chlorine water and other materials to clean. 
6. Stubborn stains may require high-concentration cleaning agent to scrub, but to avoid scraping off the surface layer of the membrane.

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