Why more and more Customers Choose Car Parking Shade Membrane Structure

November 08,2019

With the development of the city, the car has become an indispensable part of the family. The parking lot plays an important role. The current parking lot has open-air parking lots and underground parking lots. The open-air parking lot will have summer sun exposure. The advantages of strong rain and rain, and the advantage of the membrane structure parking shed is that it can be weatherproof and sun-proof, and make up for the shortage of open parking. So, what are the advantages of the membrane structure parking shed?

The membrane structure is a spatial structure in which a high-strength film material and a high-strength member are subjected to a certain degree of tension to form a spatial shape and can withstand a certain external load. The membrane structure parking shed has its structure applied to it, so that it has the advantages that the general parking shed does not have.

Membrane structure parking sheds are generally used in communities, schools, stadiums, factories, government agencies and other places.

The advantage of the membrane structure parking shed is that it is durable, light-transmissive, temperature-resistant, light and so on. The advantages of membrane structure parking sheds are imported structural materials, high-strength membranes and tensioning technology. The parking shed has strong ability to withstand wind and rain. Even in the event of a storm, the parking shed will be unharmed; In the membrane structure parking shed, it can slow down the aging speed of the car and improve the life of the car; the light transmission performance is good, and it will not turn yellow even if it is exposed to the sun. With strong impact resistance, the membrane structure of this parking shed is very durable and has almost no risk of breakage; it has temperature resistance and will not cause deformation of the membrane structure in the range of minus 40 degrees Celsius to 120 degrees Celsius; The structure of the membrane structure parking shed is very light. You don't have to worry about the sudden collapse of the ceiling when you park under the carport. This membrane structure has excellent sound insulation. At the same time, in addition to these basic functions, the membrane structure is like a piece of art. It gives people a visual enjoyment. From a distance, it is soft and soft, and it is endless.

The advantages of the membrane structure parking shed are high strength, durability, fire retardance, high self-cleaning, no influence on ultraviolet rays, long service life, good light transmission and low heat absorption. It is precisely because of the invention of membrane material. The characteristics of the membrane structure parking shed, this building has become an increasingly indispensable building around us.

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