The Eco Lodges Resort with Wild Luxury Tent Suites - Lebanon

November 08,2019

The Republic of Lebanon covers an area of 10,452 square kilometres. Located on the eastern  of the Mediterranean Sea in southern asia. The east and the north are bordered by Syria, the south is bordered by Palestine (Israel), and the west is the Mediterranean Sea. The coastline is 220 kilometers long.

The coastal summer is hot and humid, and the winter is warm, great for a holiday trip.  The entire territory of Lebanon can be divided into coastal plains, the Lebanese mountains on the east side of the coastal plains, the Bekaa valley on the eastern side of Lebanon and the Antioch mountain in the east. There are 2 million inbound passengers each year, and tourism income accounts for more than 20% of national income. Tourists mainly come from oil producing countries and European & American countries. The main tourist spots are the city of Bibrus built in the Phoenician era, the Balbeck city built in the Roman era, and the Seda Castle built during the Crusades. In addition, there are many ski resorts in the snowy mountains in the north, attracting a large number of tourists. Covering an area of 550 square kilometers, the Alshof Cedar Nature Reserve is the largest nature reserve in Lebanon and the largest cedar ecological forest reserve in Lebanon. This protected area is an important bird sanctuary and an ecotourism area. There are 32 species of wild mammals, 200 species of birds and 500 species in the reserve.


Camping in the wild, because the tent is convenient and flexible, can be quickly set up and disassembled, mobile and other features are favored by "field explorers". However, tents are not all in poor condition, such as glamping tent hotels. The luxury tent hotel is quite different from the traditional camping tent. The tent hotel retains the excellent characteristics of the general camping tent and can be used outdoors for a long time, adding a 5 -star hotel-like enjoyment experience.


The tent hotel is made of steel & wood & fabric. The installation of the tent is carried out in a splicing manner without causing unnecessary damage to the surrounding environment. At the same time, the exterior can be designed with 360 floor-to-ceiling windows to create an excellent view of the scenery. The hotel tents' toproof are made of PVDF tarpaulin, which is windproof, rainproof, flame retardant, sunscreen and UV resistant. Each hotel tent can be equipped with comfortable living furniture and can easily create a wild luxury suites , whether your camp or resort is by the sea or in the mountains.

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