Why Dubai (UAE) Use Membrane Structure for Carport Shades?

November 08,2019

Dubai has a subtropical climate and is divided into winter and summer. In summer, the maximum temperature sometimes reaches 50 °C. The winter season from November to March, the temperature is 20°C. And sandstorms also have occurred often in winter. There is a great need for a strong and beautiful parking shed in Dubai.

The widely application of membrane structures has made more and more car parking shades start to use fabric structure as a sunshades. One of the main reasons is that the membrane fabric used in the canopy structure  have good performance. Insulation effect. Therefore, the answer to the question of the thermal insulation effect of the membrane structure carport is affirmative. So why is the thermal insulation effect of the membrane structure carport so good?

The tensile fabric structure carport has better heat insulation effect, reflecting 70% of the solar heat energy, the film itself absorbs 17%, the heat transfer is 13%, and the light transmittance is more than 20%. After 10 years of direct sunlight Irradiation, its brightness can still retain 70%. This is related to its own material.

The large space of the fabric structure carport indicates that because of its light weight, the construction of the membrane structure can not cover the space of the internal support surface, which allows everyone to flexibly plan and use the construction space to depict the more conceived construction. Therefore, the general membrane structure can always have a pleasing appearance design, and its own practical economy makes the membrane structure more favored by more buildings.

The short construction period of the membrane structure car shed is reflected in the film engineering. All processing and manufacturing can be completed in the factory, and only the assembly and lifting operations are required at the site. The construction period of the construction of the parking shed in the form of traditional color steel tile, endurance board, etc., the membrane structure of the carport is twice as fast.

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