Why Transportation Facilities Choose Fabric Structure?

November 08,2019

Nowadays, the application of fabric structure in transportation facilities has become very common. What have seen many gas station and toll station build with fabric tensile structure. So transportation facilities membrane structure buildings could offer what convenience for us?

Fabric structure gas station and tensile structure toll station can be seen from the shape of the big surprise, these fabric structure transportation facilities are various in shape, breaking the limitations of traditional building limitations, fabric structure designers create with their own imagination Unique, beautiful shape.

The shelf life of fabric structure buildings is relatively long, and this should be judged according to the life of the fabric. fabric is an emerging building material. The most commonly used fabric materials in fabric structure construction are PVDF and PTFE fabric materials: PVDF is guaranteed for 10-15 years, and PTFE fabric material is guaranteed for more than 25 years. It is a permanent fabric.

At present, there are two kinds of fabrics produced in China and imported overseas (Usually imported from Germany, Italy, Japan, etc.). Generally, Chinese-made fabrics have competitive advantages, low prices and high cost performance.

More and more gas station and toll station are now installed by fabric structure, because advantages of short construction period, long life, beautiful appearance, self-cleaning, fire prevention, etc. 

BDiR Inc. has been established for 11 years. It is not only rich experienced, professional, but also has an in-depth understanding of the fabric structure industry, which can meet the dual needs of customers for product novelty and practicality.

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