Greece Island Ecotourism with Eco Tent Accommodation

November 08,2019

Greece is a multi-island country with thousands of islands and 16,000 km of coastline. The island is rich in resources, and staying overnight on the Greek islands will enable visitors to enjoy the ultimate pleasure of eco-tourism.

Greece's largest island, Crete, is one of innovative ecotourism development projects: M_lia is located on the west side of the island and is a small village operating on ecological principles. There is no electricity supply, the water supply is natural spring water, and self-produced organic food; AsProsPotamOS, a small eco-tourism residential area, is located on the east side and relies mainly on solar energy, which makes it environmentally friendly and simple. Other than that. Since the island of Crete is rich in olives, every autumn, the season of olive ripening. The island will welcome a large number of tourists visiting the olive oil factory. The richness of the property adds a touch of colour to the ecotourism of Crete.

Another island characterized by ecology is the island of Zakynthos in the Ionian Sea. The island is rich in geological formations. There are many sinking caves and steep sea cliffs, and the island is full of trees. The waters of the beach are white and white, and the lush vineyards can be seen everywhere. On some of the coastal beaches in eastern Zakynthos, the lovely turtles are not far away to visit. It is one of the few remaining spawning grounds of the endangered species Atlantic salmon in the world. It is a very cute animal. Atlantic tortoises thrive in the waters around Zakynthos. They are spawning every year from May to July. They will go to the white sands of Laganas Bay to lay eggs. In August, the tortoises hatch. Visitors to this tour can have a chance to learn more about the habits of the rare large marine animals.
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