Why Choose the Geodesic Dome Tent for Wildlife Camp?

May 06,2020

The shape of the BDiR Inc. geodesic star tent hotel house is unique. The geodesic dome tent lodge has been favored by wild luxury hotels, RV camps and scenic spots resort in recent years.

BDiR Inc.'s standard spherical tents are made of galvanized steel tubes that are assembled from galvanized steel tubes. They can also be sprayed other colors on the surface to make them more beautiful. We offer glamping dome tents ranging in diameter from 6 to 12 meters. The frame structure is designed by professional building structural engineers and is assembled from a triangular bearing that is mechanically weight-bearing. It is convenient and firm. 

The outside roof of the geodome tent is made of PVC/PVDF fabric membrane that meets the national environmental protection standards. In addition to its strong toughness, it can also be fireproof and UV-proof. It can withstand the harsh conditions of various wind, frost, snow and snow in the wild, and can reach a service life of 8~10 years. The inside covers of dome lodges are environmentally friendly insulation cotton, which plays the role of sound insulation, heat insulation and heat preservation.

The spherical dome tent for camping site is more cost-effect. A geodesic dome tent with a space of 28 square meters, even with smart electric glass windows and electric starlight sunroof, is only priced at 4,000-5000$. Compared with tens thousands $ of other hotel room, the dome tent hotel is undoubtedly the most attractive to investors cost. 

Moreover, gendesic dome tents are used in a wide range of applications. In addition to hotel accommodation, they can also be used as specialty restaurants, music event, movie projection, and even commercial exhibitions. Their easy-to-assemble features and unique style make it no matter where it is used. Can exude its unique charm, and then attract everyone’s attention.

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