Why Choose a Tenile Fabric Structure Ceiling & Indoor Roof?

March 20,2020

The soft film ceiling (Tensile Fabric/Membrane ceiling) adopts white PVC or PTFE Mesh membrane material, and is mounted on the steel frame keel through aluminum alloy or stainless steel accessories. With the development of the times, tensile film ceiling has become the most popular new type of environmental protection ceiling styles. Its texture is flexible and colorful, and it can be stretched freely to completely break the limitations of traditional smallpox in terms of shape, color, and small block assembly. At the same time, it has excellent features such as fire prevention, bacteria prevention, waterproof, energy saving, environmental protection, anti-aging, and easy installation.

The film is a material that can change its shape at will. The design of the steel frame keel is used to determine shape of tension fabric ceiling . Therefore, the shapes are random and diverse, which produces unexpected and strange effects, giving the designers & architects a wider creative space. Its modeling ability is unmatched by other smallpox materials. What's even more impressive is the change of color, the soft film ceiling is evenly colored, the smooth mask is as smooth as satin, has a strong light feeling, and has a mirror-like reflection effect.

Very suitable for interior ceiling & roof decoration of large and large space buildings. For example: large casinos, hotels, museums, exhibition halls, hospitals, gymnasiums, indoor swimming pools, spas and so on.

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