Advantages of the Custom Outdoor Shades Tensile Roofs in Argentina

March 06,2020

The Republic of Argentina is a presidential federal republic in the south of South America. body. Argentina is one of the developing countries with comprehensive national strength in the world. Argentina is also one of the world's major producers and exporters of food and meat.Advantages of the membrane tensile structure in Argentina as follow.

1. Economy

The cost of a roof structure design is only 1/3 to 1/2 of the cost of a traditional building. The cost of a tensile structure varies greatly according to different spans and design schemes, but the price-benefit ratio is very obvious compared to traditional construction .

At the same time, because the film has a certain light transmittance, it can reduce the lighting intensity and time during the day, which can save energy well, and the gorgeous landscape formed by the transmission of colored lights at night can also achieve a good advertising effect.

2. Short construction period
All the processing and production in the membrane structure building project are completed in the factory, which can reduce the construction time on site and avoid construction crossover.

Compared with the traditional construction method, the construction period of the membrane structure building can be shortened by at least half, and the general project can be completed within two months, and the construction progress of other projects will not be affected during the construction period.

3. Large span
The membrane material used in the outdoor shade structures is very light, weighing only about 1 kg per square meter, so the membrane structure can fundamentally overcome the difficulties encountered in the implementation of traditional structures in large-span (unsupported) buildings, and can create The open and unobstructed visible space effectively increases the space usage area.

At present, the span of membrane structure buildings has exceeded 200 meters.

4. Unique shape
It presents changeable, novel and seductive visual effects, and its application range is not limited to sports or exhibition buildings, but also extends to houses and landscape architecture.

The scale of the tensile structure project can be large or small, including street sketches, waiting halls, and stadiums; the life span can be long or short, can be temporary tents, or long-term buildings of more than 30 years; colors can be used, flowers can be used, and film materials It can be dyed in a variety of colors like cloth, especially the translucent properties of the film material, which makes the film building in the night sky show a dreamy color under the light.

Tensioned fabric buildings uses membrane material with protective coating, so it has a good self-cleaning effect. It can use the natural scouring of rainwater to clean the appearance of the building, and also ensure the service life of the building.
In addition, the membrane structure also has the advantages of easy transportation, easy renewal and snow accumulation.

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