What Kind of Tent Accommodation is Suitable for Desert Resorts?

November 10,2019

Although the desert has a unique natural scenery, but the geographical environment of the desert is very special (soft terrain, dry and hot climate) makes this land difficult to develop sustainable hospititlys resort. What kind of tent accommodations is suitable for desert camps?

Based on the unique style, terrain and climate of the desert, BDiR Inc. has greatly improved the structure of the tent house, which not only makes it better to integrate into the environment outdoors, but also is simple and quick to build. The wind resistance of steel frame and the tear resistance of the fabric roof ensure that the tent structures lodges will not be damaged by wind&sand in the desert.

The main structure of the tent cabin adopts the assembled structure design. It is only necessary to assemble the components in steps at the site, so there is no restriction on the construction terrain. In addition to the base features of the tent, the fabric safari tent has a spacious space of 30-80 square meters, which can create a luxury suite in the desert, allowing campers to enjoy a unique leisure time together in the desert!

Of course, it is also very important to live comfortably in the climatic conditions of the desert. In addition to a variety of shapes and sizes of tent specifications to provide you with spacious accommodation, whether in ventilation, insulation, insulation, interior decoration, etc., BDiR Inc. Can provide you with a complete solution.

However, to build a perfect desert tent camp, not only must have the right tent products, but also have reasonable planning. How the tent hotel is laid out - service area, dining area, spa, accommodation area, etc.. BDiR Inc. is a large-scale production enterprise specializing in hotel-style tent customization for a special scenic camp. It can also output a complete desert camp planning plan according to the site environment!

Of course, the desert camp is only one of the direction of the tent hotel. Different environments have different natural charms and landscape features. Whether it is forest, mountain, grassland, snow and other natural environments, BDiR has suitable hotel tents and camp designs for you to create a unique camp!

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