What is a Tensile Structure Bicycle Shade?

November 10,2019

The tensile structure bicycle shed is made up of a variety of high-strength film materials and reinforcing members (steel frame, steel column or steel cable) to generate a certain pre-tensioning force in a certain way to form a certain spatial shape, as a covering structure, and can withstand A bicycle shed in the form of a space structure with a certain external load is a fixed place for citizens to park bicycles.

Today's public bicycle sheds, for many people, are not the same as before. It is not only able to meet the most basic requirements, but at the same time, he must also have a high degree of value and must have a positive appreciation. The tensile structure breaks the pattern of pure linear architectural style. With its unique beautiful surface shape, the perfect combination of simplicity, brightness, rigidity and flexibility, strength and beauty, it gives people a refreshing feeling, which can meet this demand.

The principle of the tensile structure bicycle shed is similar to the principle of the bridge. The general carport is similar to the arch bridge principle, while the tensile structure bicycle shed is similar to the cable bridge principle.

Function: tensile structure bicycle shed has the functions of sunshade, rain, practical and beautiful.
Scope of application: tensile structure bicycle shed is suitable for schools, commercial, gymnasiums, factories, hospitals, villas and high-end residential areas, government agencies and other public places.
Advantages: The tarpaulin material of the tensile structure bicycle shed is a tensile structure, and the biggest characteristic of the tensile material is high strength, good durability, fire retardant, self-cleaning, free from ultraviolet rays, long service life, generally 15-30 year. It has high light transmittance, light transmittance of 13%, reflectivity of thermal energy of 73%, and little heat absorption. It is precisely because of the invention of this epoch-making tensile material that the bicycle shed tensile structure has become a modern permanent building.

The planning and construction of tensile structure bicycle sheds has become an important part of modern urban planning, and it has become more and more important. The light and chic shape of the tensile plays an important role in the construction of the parking lot and the waiting room. In addition to meeting the basic functions of weatherproofing and sun protection, it has a good logo attracting effect and shows people's individualized side. .

1. Durable: Due to the appearance of high-strength tensiles and the application of tension technology, the ability of the tensile structure bicycle shed to resist wind and rain is unmatched by ordinary awnings. Some carports use permanent tensiles and can be used for three or forty years. Especially in the case of severe storms, the tensile structure is still intact and unscathed.

2. Artistic: In addition to the practical, durable, wind-proof and rain-proof functions that are unmatched by ordinary awnings, the tensile structure bicycle shed is a sculpture, a piece of art, giving people a beautiful visual enjoyment. Its softness, its curve, its softness and softness, its rich shape, its white and flawless, let people shine, long aftertaste.
3. Economics: Studies have shown that vehicles that have been parked in the open air for a long time have twice the performance loss rate than vehicles parked in the carport. The tensile structure bicycle shed can really protect your car and slow down the aging speed of your car. From an economic point of view, there is not much investment but it will greatly extend the life of your ride.

4, light transmission: good light transmission performance (light transmittance of 20%). Exposure to sunlight does not produce yellowing, fogging, or poor light transmission.

5, weather resistance: the surface has a co-extruded layer of UV protection, can prevent the fatigue of the resin caused by solar ultraviolet rays yellow. The surface coextruded layer has a chemical absorption of ultraviolet light and is converted to visible light. It has a good stabilizing effect on plant photosynthesis (it is very suitable for protecting all kinds of cars, valuable artworks and exhibits from UV damage).

6. Impact resistance: The impact strength of the architectural film is 250-300 times that of ordinary glass, 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet, twice that of tempered glass, and there is almost no risk of breakage.

7, flame retardant: According to the national GB8624-97 test is a flame retardant B1 grade, no fire drops, no toxic gas.

8. Temperature resistance: It does not cause deterioration of quality such as deformation in the temperature range of -40 to 120 degrees Celsius.

9, portability: light weight, absolutely guarantee the safety of people and things under the shed.

10. Sound insulation: good sound insulation (assessment of the surrounding environment).

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